Fallon was saying it would be awesome if we all go somewhere warm with a beach. Of course, all of us are ready to get away, saying yes is easy. After some discussion, we are heading to Florida, near St. Petersburg. Time for some sunshine and sexy GILF vacation fun! Bring on the hot men, and let’s get laid!

We have a huge house we are renting near the beach. It has a deck, with a pool, and access to the beach is easy. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are rentals, so there are parties all along the streets. Everyone is relaxed and party together with their temporary neighbors. Cookouts, pool parties, and some fun themed parties as well.

I am so ready to experience some new sexy GILF vacation fun!

I love sunshine, and it loves me. The more sun I get, the sexier I am looking. Everyone is always saying my eyes get even bluer during the summer months. Additionally, I am wearing fewer clothes in the warmer seasons: tiny tanks, halter tops, skimpy shorts, and sexy bikinis. Of course, I am always getting looks and hit on by guys. Definitely fun in the summer weather.

Here we are now in this beautiful city, and we are ready for fun. It is me, Fallon, Jenn, and Michelle. All of us are smart, sexy, and beautiful. The whole package and guys are continuously following us around on vacation. We eat that shit up and flirt right back with them. I love that all the naughty things I do during my sexy GILF vacation fun, I can share with my callers during my GILF Phone Sex.

Fallon can do the same and loves reliving those hot moments with her guys.

The four of us girls are open to all things sexual. We usually have some naughty lesbian fun on our trips too. I am always open to multiple partner sex, and on my last trip to see my kids in Cali got some Unexpected GILF Vacation Sex. When I am on a trip with the girls, it is a given we are going to be fucking non-stop. On vacation by myself, visiting family, I know there is incest sex, but not always other stuff.

Since all four of us girls are smoking hot, it is easy to be partying and things to get wild in our room. I can tell you that the other girls have the tastiest pussies around. Sexy MILF pussy, ready for my amazing skills. It is fun to make them squirt for me. We have had rooms around us call the front desk when I am making the girls scream with my outstanding pussy eating.

Of course, when the staff knocks on our door, we have them in to play with us!

We love surprising innocent hotel employees with great orgasm or two. And we have met some men with the biggest dicks that way! A bell boy here and a security guard there, all with giant cocks ready to fuck us. If it is a college break anytime we are at a beach resort; we always end up educating some younger hotties, guys, and girls.

As I said, we love all things sexual and experimenting makes our trips so much better. Once and while we have some public sex on a beach or in a pool, that takes some talent. Each of us has challenged the other to do it. It is a tradition now, that one us must have some daring public sex on our trip. The last trip it was my turn.

This trip, it is Jenn’s turn, and she is planning a pool fuck with our neighbor.

He is about 6’4″ and sexy. His name is Derek and he is a real estate agent. Watching him in the pool, we have decided his dick is huge. Jenn is going to fuck him tonight at the luau the other neighbor is throwing. We are her cover to make sure no one focuses on them in the pool. It is going to be a blast to watch.

Of course, I have my own hot session planned with a guy I invited tonight. He is going to bring me some sexy GILF vacation fun. His name is Gerard and he is tall, dark and handsome. I am thinking Fallon and I will share him. Curious to know how it goes? Call me to find out!

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