It is official, I am on vacation in California to see my son and his family. The plane is taxiing into our gate as we speak. I am so excited to spend time with family and of course, be here in Cali. It is gorgeous and so much fun! Oh my goodness, the grandkids have a silly sign for me. They are making all the people around them laugh. This is awesome. Now, some unexpected GILF vacation sex and it is the perfect trip!

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Wow, my daughter-in-law gets sexier with age. She is completely naked, standing in front of me and my pussy is so wet. The boys are rock hard as they are playing with their parents and me. We are spending the night in their bed and it is a festival of climaxes. This event is not unexpected GILF vacation sex, we had this all planned out!

Back at the hotel this morning and I am meeting this hot couple on the elevator!

The couple is here for vacation too. Discussing our plans while here, I can sense they are swingers by the way they are looking me over. I am checking them out as well. They are so fucking sexy and I can’t believe my luck in meeting them so soon on my trip. We agree to meet at the one bar later for drinks and part ways. My pussy is tingling with excitement!

My family is here with me at the pool and we are enjoying the sunny day. It is so nice to be here spending time together with my family. Laughing and playing in the pool, the kids are loving their time with granny. As the day is ending we are in my suite cleaning up for dinner. Once we are ready we go for a nice dinner at the lovely restaurant.

My family and I bid each other good night as they leave the hotel.

I decide I should head upstairs and put on something extremely sexy for my meetup at the bar. Looking through my options, I am wondering which is the best choice for my dress tonight. Picking a sundress that doesn’t require a bra, I dress quickly so I can head downstairs, getting the party started.

Walking into the bar, I spot them over by the corner. Damn, she is looking smokin’ hot and he is quite a handsome guy. Let’s hope he is packing a nice big dick! Waving to each other, I am heading over there when I notice the guys in the bar checking me out. I do look fucking amazing tonight and I love the attention. Furthermore, they are all possible unexpected GILF vacation sex options.

We are drinking, laughing and dancing as her husband suggests we head to their suite.

On the elevator, she and I are kissing as he is groping both of us. It is going to be a hot night! Back in their suite, we are undressing each other as I feel his mouth on my tits. She is kissing her way down my body as I am wrapping my hand around that very big cock! Thank goodness I don’t need to bring out my Small Ugly Penis Humiliation tonight!

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