Paid to be a Sexy French Maid

Of course, this was in college before my sexy sugar mama was giving me everything I could ever want. I was the typical struggling student and did a few interesting jobs to make money. One of which was being an actual sexy French maid. I was already French and sexy but cleaning up after people really isn’t my thing. So, when I learned it was more of a fetish fantasy than actual cleaning, I was all in. Plus, it paid really well. 

My new gig as a sexy French maid required the typical outfit, of course, complete with the little duster. I dressed in the short frilly little dress, my massive cleavage being barely contained, straighten up and dust around my client’s house. He would just watch me “work”. I would pretend I was their obedient French servant and occasionally fetch them something to drink. The rules strictly stated that there was to be no hanky-panky and no touching of any kind. But, you know I like to break the rules…

Naughty Clients

I got really into character and would speak to my clients in a French accent. Usually, my work as a sexy French maid was pretty innocent. My clients would usually watch me with a hard-on for the hour as I pranced around with my little duster. Some guys wanted to jerk off while they watched me and I let them as long as they promised me a good tip. But, I love to turn fantasies into reality. 

So, one day I was hired for a guy as part of his bachelor party gift. He had no idea I was coming and made it clear that he was uncomfortable with the whole thing. But, eventually, I talked him into letting me do my sexy French maid bit and he could just watch if he wanted to. Plus, his place would be tidied up. He finally agreed and I was so happy because he was so damn hot. 

Fantasy Becomes Reality

First, I wound him up by only speaking to him in French. I kept eyeing him and I could see his eyes roam up and down my long bare legs. I was so happy I forgot to wear panties that day. When I bent over to dust his coffee table, I purposely turned my back to him. My little skirt lifted and he got a peek of my bare pussy as I leaned over. I looked back towards him and he was rubbing on his massive boner popping out from under his shorts. Suddenly, he came up behind me and grabbed my waist beneath my skirt. I gasped in delighted surprise.

“I’ll give you a huge tip if you let me fuck you,” he offered, whispering it in my ear. “Oui, Oui,” I moaned, desperate to feel his cock inside me. He couldn’t take his pants down fast enough. I was so happy he gave in to his desire for one last fantasy fuck with a sexy French maid. He definitely got his money’s worth! He fucked me hard right there as I gripped his coffee table. Then I let him cum all over my sexy little outfit, his fantasy fulfilled. 


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