Who Wouldn’t Want a Sexy Sugar Mama?

I’d prefer a sexy sugar mama over a sugar daddy any day. Of course, I love everything that men have to offer especially if they want to lavish me with cash and gifts. However, sugar daddies tend to make it all about them. They want to feel like a rockstar with a hot young chick and show off some arm candy. They depend on you to make them feel good. But, I met a very wealthy and super sexy sugar mama that makes it all about me. She wants to lavish me in designer clothes, jewelry, and expensive trips just like the guys do. But instead of me stroking her ego, she wants to stroke mine… literally and figuratively. 

She Keeps Me Wanting More

First of all, she’s always telling me how hot and beautiful I am. She tells me that my body is drop-dead sexy and she obsesses over my huge tits. My sexy sugar mama loves to buy me clothes that accentuate all my naughty curves so that I’m always the center of attention. Sugar daddies tend to want the attention. They want to get those pats on the shoulder for getting a girl like me. My sexy sugar mama doesn’t need all that. All her focus is on me and making me happy.  

My sexy sugar mama has a sure way to keep me around. Besides, giving me all the material possessions that I want, she keeps me cumming all the time, literally. Every time we’re together, she just wants to watch me as she makes me cum. It’s so fucking hot! She definitely knows how to keep me coming back for more!

Uh-Oh, I’m Addicted!

It seems like she can never get enough of me. She wants me all the time! And honestly, all this cumming is making me so addicted to her. 

It’s so fun to have her private jet all to ourselves for an amazing mile high orgasm. But, the best part is, she always wants to please me in public and I love being naughty when I know we could get caught. 

In restaurants, she usually starts by rubbing my upper thigh, then slowly makes her way to my yearning pussy. Then, right there in the restaurant, she rubs my clit in circles until she makes me cum. Sometimes, she just has to taste me so she’ll lead me to the nearest bathroom. We’ll go into the stall together and she’ll get on her knees and eat me until I’m practically screaming. My sexy sugar mama loves to watch me as I cum and love to watch her make me cum.

Even at parties, she’ll lead me to a quiet corner and finger me until I’m cumming. We’ve had other guests spy on us but we just let them enjoy the show. Since I’ve been with her I’ve cum more times in a day than I can even count. As long as she can keep me cumming, I’ll keep coming back for more. 


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