That Time I Had a Mile High Orgasm

I was flying first class on a red-eye flight, everyone was settling in with their pillows and blankets, except me and the hot guy next to me. The minute we sat down next to each other, we immediately started flirting. There was an instant mutual attraction between us. Little did I know he would be giving me an amazing mile high orgasm by the time we landed. 

We drank champagne and shared a secret dirty chat as everyone seemed to be asleep for the night. I became so turned on as we shared sexual stories and confessed kinks to each other. Finally, his big hand glided up my red dress to my upper thigh and he leaned in for a kiss. We kissed passionately, intensely.

Eventually, his hands made their way to my double D tits. He easily slid his hand beneath the fabric to my black lacy bra. He squeezed my nipples and his tongue continued to twirl in my mouth. I really thought this was the furthest we were going to go on a plane full of people. I certainly didn’t think he’d be bold enough to give me a mile high orgasm right there in our first class seats! But… that’s exactly what happened. 

A First Class Mile High Orgasm

My first class hottie was getting more and more aggressive. There was no sign of slowing down his urges. He just kept initiating more risks. First, he pulled up the armrest between us and pulled my hips towards him. Then he threw the blanket over us and raised my dress.

Of course, I wasn’t wearing any panties so he had a full view of my beautiful cunt. He gently kissed my inner thighs then kissed my pussy lips. My heart raced with the thought of getting caught as he started to eat out my sweet pussy. He was eating me so good! I raised the blanket to watch. It was so hot watching him passionately service my little pussy.

That’s when I began moaning softly, I couldn’t help it! I thought for sure someone would hear as I neared my first mile high orgasm of the evening. I tried so hard to be quiet, I put both hands over my mouth to muffle my moans. Then he started finger banging me at the same time and I almost lost my mind. Actually, I kind of did, that was my first mind-blowing mile high orgasm. I came so hard and so long our seats were vibrating with my convulsions but I didn’t really care about getting caught anymore. 

Mile High Fuck

I really thought that was the end of our adventure but of course, my first class hottie wanted his own mile high orgasm. And my orgasm just made me want more. It’s not often I just come once, after all.

Before I could fully recover from his perfect pussy eating, he was unzipping his pants and straddling me. He slowly pushed his huge throbbing cock inside my slick pussy. I swear it may have been one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever had. He totally stretched me out. I wanted to scream so bad and beg him to fuck me hard. But, we couldn’t get caught. He fucked me nice and steady and we both shared an amazing mile high orgasm. He left me with a cream pie but promised to take me straight to his hotel when we landed and clean me up. We finally got to have the loud, wild sex we weren’t able to in first class. 


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