Well, well, well, you have found yourself in the presence of this gorgeous young diva. Of course, it is time to bow down, bitch. As your sexy findom brat, I expect full submission from you.

Similarly, you better be ready to throw tributes at me. And, I love those beautiful green bills fresh out of the ATM! Additionally, let’s get one thing perfectly clear.

I am your mistress and you are my slave. That means you are never going to be worthy of me, or any part of me. If I ever let you touch me, it will be to clean parts of my body with your tongue.

As your sexy findom brat, I am too good for you and your cock.

In fact, when it comes to that area, I will spend hours and hours using my naughty tease and denial on you. Furthermore, you will enjoy it and tell me you are enjoying it.

Of course, if you don’t, I will use my naughty teen hypno skills on you. And, if I do that, you will be my personal ATM and bring me every dime you make. Now, I prefer to let you bring the money of your own accord.

However, this sexy findom brat will take matters into her own hands, if necessary. I am developing expensive tastes and it takes a lot of little pay piggies to give me the lifestyle I love.

That means I do what I must to keep a full barn of pigs paying me.

It is my preference to have men paying me because they love bowing down to me for the record. Doing it because they can’t get enough of my harsh words, humiliation, and denial.

Of course, I love what I do and do it well. I am fucking awesome at it. Men beg me to take them on as my pay pig. It is rare that I have to use the hypnosis for anyone.

They are so eager to be with this sexy findom brat and I am more than happy to welcome a new piggy to the fold. Actually, training a newbie is one of my favorite things and gets my pussy super wet!

He is so green and naive and ready for anything from this sexy findom brat!

Watching his cock rise and his eyes beg for release is too much fun. Especially, when I get to leave him that way. Hahaha…sorry little piggy, no climax for you today.

Running my soft warm stocking, fresh off my beautiful leg, over his balls and cock, only to tell him he can’t cum. His dick is leaking precum profusely and he practically has tears running down his cheeks.

And, as I untie him, I tell him, he can cum tomorrow for his sexy findom brat. Then, I tell him to get dressed and go home. Of course, I remind him to leave a big wad of money for his mistress.

Oh, the thrill of his anguish and disappointment.

Of course, inside, it is exactly what he wants but his balls are screaming for release. This is why he came to a findom and how he needs to be treated!

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