sexy femmedom

As I open the door, I feel a hard whack across my face. My Mistress Dawn was home. She is the epitome a sexy femmedom mistress.

“That’s for being late,” she says. Before I could utter a word she places several pieces of duct tape over my mouth.

” I want no backtalk from you tonight” she yells.

I was ordered to take all my clothes off and to stand next to the bed facing the wall. She grabs both of my wrists from behind and handcuffs them together.

“I am tired of you being constantly late. I’m always waiting around for you. You have no idea how hard I worked today.

And I expect to be treated with respect. You don’t know what it’s like to always wait for you but you will find out tonight.”  Mistress Dawn growled.

She leads me to the middle of the room and tells me to stand there.  She grabs a large duffle bag and pulls out several rolls of plastic wrap.

I’m ordered to put my legs together.  She proceeds to wrap my legs together, starting at my ankles and working her way up.

I instantly get a hard-on. 

She leaves a hole for my now throbbing cock. My handcuffs are undone and I’m to leave my arms at my sides.

She continues to wrap my body in the plastic wrap. Wrapping my arms and upper body into a cocoon.

Now securely wrapped in plastic from my shoulders to my toes, I’m told to stand right there.  She leaves the room.

sexy femmedom
sexy femmedom

She reappears wearing a black rubber catsuit with open nipples and a zipper thru the crotch.

Again, she gets the plastic wrap out and tells me my head is now to be encased in plastic.

She wraps my head in several layers of plastic only leaving small nose holes for me to breathe through.

I could no longer see clearly as the layers of plastic clouded my view. I felt a tugging at my head.

She was taping my head up.

I could not believe it. I screamed, but only a small muffled sound emerged from my taped mouth. All of a sudden it went dark, she had taped over my eyes.

I could not even move my head. She pushed me over and I fell on the bed. Pulling and pushing me to the center of the bed.

She said: “I am going to eat dinner now, you can eat your dinner when I have finished with you. See how much you like waiting for something.”

It seemed like hours later that I heard the front door open. Then I heard footsteps in the room.

All of a sudden, I felt someone grab my cock and stroke it.

Instantly it became hard again.

Then I felt that warm moist feeling on my throbbing cock as she slides down on me.

She moved rhythmically up and down my cock. I was terribly excited.

Just as I was about to cum, she stopped. She said, ” you must please me before you can cum.”

I could not move; I could not utter a sound and my heart was pounding.  My mind was going a million miles a minute.

The next thing I felt was a tugging at my head. I could see a glimpse of light. She was removing the plastic and tape from my head. My head was now free again.

She proceeded to remove the tape from my mouth. She was still wearing the black rubber catsuit but now I could see her pussy, for the crotch zipper was undone.

“It’s my turn for pleasure,” she exclaimed.

She stepped up on the bed and knelt down right over my face. My body encased in a plastic cocoon.

I had no choice but to eat her pussy, licking and sucking my sexy femmedom Mistress Dawn’s clit.

She steadily became more excited when suddenly the full weight of her body came down on my face.

 I could not breathe, but I continued to lick her clitoris.

I started to run out of air and I tried to move my head to get some air. She held my face tight with her thighs. I became desperate.

I jerked my head violently from side to side trying to get some air. As I almost passed out, she came violently.

I felt a warm gush as my mouth filled with her juices. She immediately raised up and I gasped the air.

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sexy femmedom
sexy femmedom

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