Spanking Submissive CEO

I am a submissive for Dawn. And she comes tonight for Spanking Submissive CEO. Dawn has a sweet southern way until she takes control, Then she becomes completely dominant. She arrived exactly on time; seven o’clock. I heard the doorbell ring and felt a small rush of adrenalin. With Dawn, I had learned to expect the unexpected. Thus the adrenalin.

I saw the deep red lips that contrasted so beautifully against her dark hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Her dark eyes looked me up and down.

She smiled and walked into my house without a word. Dawn was tall and leggy with nice curves in nice places.

Truth be told, though, I would have likely declared whatever body type Dawn had as my favorite…because of what she brought to my life.

Thrill after thrill…after thrill. And Lord knows I needed a few thrills to leave the stress of my career behind. Dawn consistently provided them

Parts of me emerged with Dawn that surfaced in no other way. Writhing, ecstatic, impossibly hot parts.

Gone was Jacob the CEO, Jacob the guy in charge, Jacob the Head Honcho and the Craving, Nasty Jacob appeared.

My kink drawer was open, I enjoyed my spankings and looked forward to obeying every command Dawn gave me, shamelessly.

Because she knew me…all of me. I left one world and entered a completely different one.

The definition of my job was telling people what to do. I directed, delegated, supervised, corrected, dictated, and remonstrated all day, five days a week.

I wore a suit and tie. And I oozed control and importance. My job was so much about control that I couldn’t wait to lose that control when I left the office. That’s where Dawn fits into my life.

She was more than happy to take that control and run with it.

Being subjugated for Dawn’s pleasure rocked my world in a way I had a hard time explaining to myself. The most pain I was into was a good spanking to warm up my bottom.

But the thought of basically being Dawn’s bitch, to do with as she pleased? That was a kick I never tired of.

Dawn was easily the most sexually provocative woman I’d ever met. There was a relaxed air of complete confidence that permeated her walk, her voice and her whole being.

I found her confidence incredibly arousing in such a different way. She brought out a part of me that was intensely eager to please in a “tell me exactly what you want me to do” kind of way.

No wonder my past sexual partners failed to satisfy me completely – they had all expected me to be in charge. Not Dawn. Dawn had rules, most of which gave me the thrill to follow.

When she wasn’t pleased. I would have to sit down carefully for 2 days following an incident!

My cock throbbed just remembering it.

Gone was the power suit. Instead, my naked skin tingled with a heightened sensitivity. I ran my hands nervously through my thick blond hair and rubbed the 2-day beard I always wore.

Spanking Submissive CEO
Spanking Submissive CEO

I felt bare and vulnerable. Standing with my feet slightly apart I clasped my hands behind my back and waited for Dawn.

I glanced down at my cock, still at half-mast remembering my punishment from last Friday. Ahh…the waiting. Anticipation brought such delicious excitement. I’d felt it all day. I looked up to see Dawn walking down the hall

a vision of steamy sensuality and power.

She wore a strapless black leather bustier which presented her ample breasts for optimum viewing. Her forearms had intriguing black leather cuffs from wrist to elbow.

An impossibly short black leather skirt covered neither the tops of her shocking red stockings nor the black garters that held them up. Four-inch black leather come-fuck‐me heels completed her outfit.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the stockings, so startlingly red amidst all the black. They looked so out of place I was fascinated by them.

It was then that I saw the riding crop in Dawn’s right hand, held loosely at her side. The end of it brushed her calf as she walked.

I shivered involuntarily.

Reaching up with one hand she gently twisted each of my nipples in turn and I gasped. She walked around behind me.

My thoughts returned to the crop and I felt my ass tense up. She took my hands and gently separated them, placing them at my sides.

I felt her warm hand caress my tense cheeks and squeeze each one in turn. Her hand ran her fingers over my hard cock.

She spent time teasing and caressing my cock and balls with a light touch…a touch that made me want nothing but more and harder.

“Prepare for your punishment, Jacob.”

No matter how many times I heard those words uttered, even though I knew they were coming…still the thrill.

Okaaaaay. The adrenalin returned big‐time as I walked to the end of the bed, spread my legs, and laid my upper body down on the soft cotton sheet.

I heard her approach me and I willed myself to relax. No matter how many times we played this way I still felt the slight rush of fear. I loved it…it got me off like nothing else.

I looked forward to it. Loved the helpless, vulnerable sensation of my naked ass in the air, waiting for Dawn’s hand or paddle to fall…or tonight I guess it was her crop.

I trusted Dawn and would do just about whatever she asked… but a riding crop? Jesus Christ.

She stood behind me and slowly spread my cheeks, again stroking my ass gently with a finger and sending pleasure coursing through me.

Ahhh…that choice again…open to the pleasure or anticipate the punishment. It was an interesting push-pull I was very familiar with.

The first stroke came as she emphasized her statement…

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Spanking Submissive CEO
Spanking Submissive CEO

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