Sensual Domination

It starts small by ordering your “submissive” to perform this act of worshiping me, my body, my things. Sensual Domination can be very mild like foreplay to very strict.

My body in luxurious lingerie, silk stockings, heels under my skirt and blouse. I stand there and you know what to do. Unzipping my skirt, it falls to the floor. You know you must pick it up and fold it. You unbutton my blouse sliding it from my body you lay it over the back of the chair.

What is Sensual Domination?

It is a form of a power play that involves the more submissive partner giving up control to the more dominant one. But it focuses on pleasure instead of pain.

You see my body presented like a present to be unwrapped. You ask me how you can serve my pleasures. I have you kneel in front of me. So close you can feel the heat of my body and smell how turned on you are making me.

Sensual Domination involves praise and rewards more than humiliation or punishment. A style of dominance that focuses on delighting all of the submissive’s senses while serving your Domme, your Mistress pleasure.

There are different ways to practice sensual domination because how it plays out will depend on the submissive’s needs and desires.

I grab your head and press it into the V of my legs.

I use your nose to grind against my clit through the silk of my panties. You feel my panties getting wet then wetter. I threw one leg over your shoulder, holding your head tighter. I tell you to use your hands to hold my ass tight to your face. My juices make your face glisten as I orgasm. Lifting my leg from your shoulder, I place my heel on your shoulder and push you backward.

You fall on your back and watch as I hook my thumbs under my panties and shimmy them down my legs. Spreading my feet my panties stop at my ankles. Your eyes flick from my panties to my eyes, to my bared pussy.

“Take my panties off me slut puppy,” I tell you.

If there’s any name-calling, they’re only thrown around affectionately. If called a perverted endearment it is not to humiliate. They’re just words of praise. Plus, it’s accurate.

You scrabble back to your knees, lift my panties as I lift one foot then the other. Taking care not to let my panties catch on my heels. You lift my panties to your face inhaling deep.

Despite refraining from many common domination methods, a sensual dominant still aims to bring their submissive partner to subspace. As it’s easier for a submissive partner shift out of pain than pleasure, sensual dominance often results in a longer period of subspace.

Sensual Domination
Sensual Domination

The scent of my sex and orgasm can lift your mind to a deeper level of submission as waves of pleasure rush through your body.

Many practitioners of sensual dominance feel this style of domination requires more skill than traditional domination, as it requires more patience and a greater understanding of a submissive’s turn-ons and state of mind. Open communication before a play session can help make things more enjoyable for all participants.

I put a single finger under your chin and lift,

you stand still holding my panties to your face. I see your tongue flick out for a quick lick and respond by smacking your ass with my hand. Snapping you back into the present.

With Sensual Domination, if there’s any discipline, it’s just a little bit of roleplay. It means spankings that feel intense but never hurt. Manhandling by pinning wrists down or ass slapping — it’s all done to show passion, not to cause pain. Unless the submissive craves more intense punishment.

Sensual Domination
Sensual Domination

Keeping my finger under your chin I press my nail in just enough to keep your attention as I turn and walk towards the bedroom. I take the panties from you and order you to strip which takes mire moments. As you strip, I slap your body as it is exposed with my panties. Leaving small moist spots all over your body. When you are finally standing there nude.

I drape my panties over your very erect cock.

While mild pain may be involved in sensual dominance, it is never the focus of these kinds of scenes. Any pain administered is meant to complement the pleasure and never intended to push past the submissive’s limits. Each encounter has set roles. The submissive partner is treated with reverence by the Mistress even in her most abusive moments.

I walk over to the hard-wooden chair. I sit and throw one leg over each arm.

 You can see how swollen my pussy lips are.

How deep red, how my thighs glisten from my juices. You know to stand still till I call tell you what I want you to do. I slide my hands up my sides grasping my breast over my bra. Suddenly you notice my nipples as I twist them, pulling them. Sliding my hands into my bra I pull out my breasts.

While sensual dominance is seen as a fairly mild form of dominance, it’s still a good idea to employ a safe word to ensure the interaction never takes the submissive out of their comfort zone. There’s an element of worship to play now. It’s a worship that cuts both ways. One gives oneself to another, surrendering to their affection. And the other gives you everything.

Sensual Domination
Sensual Domination

I watch as a single bead of precum beads, you’re breathing faster, your skin is flushed. The look in your eyes is almost desperation. The naughtiest grin starts to spread over my face. As I call you to me.

You feel so many things when in that submissive mode, but maybe the thing you feel the most is trust. It was tucked away and dormant. Sensual domination phone sex made it safe for you to embrace the freedom of giving unconditional surrender. Because you know your Mistress will never break your trust, only lead you to your limits and offer you support if you want to stretch your limits.

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Sensual Domination
Sensual Domination

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