Like My Sexy Feet?

I decided to go shoe shopping and treat myself to a couple of pair of new shoes. Spring is nearly here and open toes and pedicures are going to be more the norm for the next few months. I went to this new ritzy looking shoe boutique downtown that’s recently opened up and loved nearly everything I saw, it was hard to make a decision when I wanted them all! I couldn’t wait to slip my feet into some sexy shoes!

sexy feet in heels

The manager came over and introduced himself to me and showed me around. I’d assumed he was the manager, but he was actually the owner and was a nice looking middle aged man, well dressed and well spoken. I showed him a pair I liked and he said he’d personally picked those out to stock. We chatted for a few moments and he confessed he had a foot fetish and feet and shoes were his life. He himself looked after me and remarked on what lovely straight toes I had and perfect arches. I said I could never have enough shoes to please me and he said he knew exactly what I meant, even being surrounded by ladies feet, shoes and the store, it was never enough.

I went home and pondered this unusual man and I got a call from him a few hours later, the receipt had required my phone number, so I assumed he got it from there. He asked if he could take me to dinner the following evening and I said sure, I had nothing else to do. He came to my door and had a gift bag for me, in it was a pair of shoes, the same as the ones I’d gotten the other day, but in a different color, he said he did that since he at least knew they’d fit. I was very glad he did, I’d been going to go back and get them in the other color I’d been looking at anyway.

We had a lovely dinner out and then came back to my place for a drink. He asked if he could see me in the new shoes. I knew he obviously was aroused by this and I put them on and walked around a bit. I could see him getting hard and the bulge in his pants was growing. He gestured for me to sit down beside him and he reached down and put my feet in his lap, removed the new shoes and started to massage my feet, it felt wonderful, so I certainly wasn’t going to tell him to stop rubbing my feet. He took my left foot in his hand and was massaging is so wonderfully, paying attention to the whole foot and then the toes, I was in absolute heaven as he did this to both feet for nearly an hour as we chit chatted away.

I felt I should do something for him since he’d been nice enough to get me a lovely dinner, an expensive pair of shoes and an hour long foot massage, so I asked him if he liked foot jobs and he perked right up and said yes, of course, he loved them! I reached over and unzipped his pants and took out his large, hard, throbbing cock and placed my feet on it. He was dripping pre cum with excitement at this turn of events and gripped both my feet in his hands and started to fuck my feet up and down on his cock. It wasn’t long before he blew his load on my nylon covered feet and toes and he was looking very happy. I thanked him very much for the date and the shoes and he left. A very nice, unusual man, not sure if I will see him for another date or not, but it was fun!

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