I babysit for Jennifer. She is a busy professional. Because her job takes her all over the world, she needs me all the time. Of course, she pays me well. Now, it seems this sexy dominant businesswoman also wants me for her sub.

She is such a powerful female role model, starting on the ground floor and working her way to the top of her corporation. Similarly, she is a fantastic mother as well. Her household runs quite smoothly.

And, she doesn’t have to be mean or hard on the kids either. Because she is raising them correctly, they have manners and behave well. It is impressive when I am sitting them.

It is no surprise a sexy dominant businesswoman has wonderful kids.

Both of the kids are respectful and follow my orders without any arguments. Of course, most kids I sit for are not that good. In fact, a lot of them are brats and act out terribly.

If she is capable of running a huge corporation, then, a couple of kids are a cakewalk. I easily fall under her spell when she is around. In fact, she makes me weak in the knees.

She is an absolutely gorgeous sexy dominant businesswoman too. Of course, she works out faithfully and is extremely fit as well. Everything about her is screaming success.

She only wears beautiful designer clothes that fit her like kid gloves.

When she is at the house, my pussy gets wet. Anytime I am near her, her strength and confidence are radiating from her. Of course, it is triggering the submissive in me.

Last week, she surprises me, getting home early. The kids are asleep and she has a late dinner for her and me. As we are eating, she is asking me questions about my life.

Soon, this sexy dominant businesswoman asks how I feel about someone controlling me. My heart is racing and my cheeks are flushing. My pussy is so wet, I can feel it on the seat below me.

I keep my eyes on my food and admit I love being submissive to powerful people.

She stands up and comes over behind me. She wraps her fingers in my hair and pulls me up from my seat. I am quivering with excitement as she commands me to follow her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, she commands me to get on my knees in front of her. I do as I am told. She leans down and whispers in my ear that she is going to own me.

This sexy dominant businesswoman is going to be my Domme. My tight little pussy is getting so excited and wet. She asks if I understand and I say, “Yes, mistress.”

My entire body is shaking as this sexy dominant businesswoman tells me to pull down her panties.

I slip a finger into the waistband on each hip. And, slowly slip the panties over her perfectly round ass, and down her gorgeous long legs. She lifts her feet to step out of them.

This is so different than my sub dungeon adventures and I am loving it! In fact, there is something sensual between two women that doesn’t happen with my daddy dom. He is super fun too but this is so different.

It is just more sensual with this sexy dominant businesswoman. Her beautiful designer clothes, perfume, and curves are so arousing. She commands me to eat her beautiful smooth pussy as she stands over me.

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