I am bisexual — and that really isn’t new information to anyone I have ever talked to. However, I have fucked an older sexy cougar lesbian before, and that was a whole different experience. It all started at a bar, and the first thing I noticed was how smooth she was.

Smoothest Pickup Ever

From moving my little baby hairs behind my ear mid-conversation and touching my leg, she had me from the beginning. I went back to her house shortly after, mesmerized by her flirting skills. My pussy was wet well before we even made it to her bedroom. Plus an experienced sexy cougar lesbian like her has to be amazing at eating pussy right?

She gently guides me back to the bedroom while we pause occasionally for a mini make-out session. She would push me against the wall while her tongue found its way into my mouth. Her thigh pushed in between my legs like a cock finding its way and I quivered for her. I loved moving my hands all over her body, feeling all over those tits and down her hips. Feeling her sway her body with every hand movement I did.

Sexy Cougar Lesbian Gets Ready To Own Me

Eventually, we made it back to the bed, and the way she moved her body against mine made me feel like a nervous amateur. She undresses me without taking her tongue out of my mouth. I can feel her fingers sliding into the seams of my clothes and slipping them off and my pussy pulses in response. The second she pulls off my little thong, I feel her fingers slip inside me and I moan into her lips. Her mouth opens with lust as she finger fucks my pussy for a moment.

I am already close to cuming for her. How embarrassing being a professional slut and being completely owned by a sexy cougar lesbian that I met one hour ago. It’s like she could sense I was close to orgasm and she pulls her fingers back out of me. I am so wet. Pussy juice is dripping out of me at this point and she just walks to her closet leaving me to spread on the bed humping the air like a little bitch.

Surprise, Bitch

I watch her grab a bag out of the closet and pull out a harness and a 9-inch pink dildo. My fingers instinctually make their way to my clit so I can touch myself while I watch her put it on. Sliding off her pants, I see her replace them swiftly with the harness and pull the straps to tighten them. Both lips are drooling for her, and her mercy is my controller.

She comes over to me, strapped up, and flips me over on my hands and knees. I feel her push that dildo inside me so fast that my pussy was immediately threatening to cum all over her. This sexy cougar lesbian-owned this pussy from behind while I just screamed out. She was so rough with me and my body begged for more. I wouldn’t dare to take every inch of her until climax. She wrapped her hand around my mouth while I creamed all over that toy. Grabbing my hair, she used her handful to turn me around, demanding that I clean it off.

Me, Being A Good Girl

While I sat there, post-climax and a creamy mess cleaning this dildo I worried. Worried that I won’t be able to satisfy her near as much as she did me. That is one of the hardest times I have ever came in my life. Once the dildo was clean, and it was my turn. She looked down at my slutty little face and said, “You’re not done. Get ready to ride it.” Round two.

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