I don’t have any money for this cab, but I am sure a girl like me can find other means of making it those 5 miles. He rolls down the window and wonders why I am not just automatically getting in. I tell him it’s a short distance, but that I’m broke. I can see it in his eyes, that this predicament won’t last too long, maybe rough car sex is on his mind as payment too. That’s when he offers for me to come to the front seat instead of the back.

The Agreement

I love watching his eyes get big as he gives me his offer. It’s so dark outside tonight, but my views on public sex make it to where I wouldn’t mind if it was noon. He wants a blow job, then for me to ride him until he can bust inside me. I am assuming from his gaze, that he will want rough car sex, not some vanilla shit. Normally, that would seem a lot to another girl for just a mere 5 miles. However, a slut like me is paradise. My eyes agree for me and my hand makes its way to his belt.

Within moments, I have his girthy cock pulled out, and it’s already half-hard for me just from the conversation. I stroke it, and lick all over it, getting it dripping wet with my drool. Once I notice my slobber sliding down his balls, I make my lips do the same down his shaft. Holding my mouth tight around him, I can feel his cock stiffening for me. God, my pussy is already getting wet just from this.

Not Part Of The Agreement

I feel his hands moving around in my hair, balling up a clump of me for a firm grip. He then pulls hard, checking to make sure the grip is solid then pushing me all the way down on him. His cock slams into the back of my throat and I instantly start gagging on him. After a couple of aggressive pumps, he holds me there. His cock lingering right down my throat and I am stuck in a 2-minute-long heave as my throat tightens around him.

From BlowJob To Rough Car Sex

This was not a part of our original conversation, but my pussy doesn’t seem to mind. Eventually, he pulls me off his dick, precum immediately leaking out of my mouth, and he grabs my cheeks. “Get on this cock”. His voice was so serious and dominant this time. The submissive in me blurt out a “yes sir” as I start to hop over the center console as fast as I can. I grab his dick and start moving it around my pussy, hoping to spread my wetness swiftly, but he doesn’t give me more than 10 seconds. I feel his hands grab my shoulder and push me all the way down immediately and I yell out. My hands drag the window and the steam leave proof of my slutiness behind.

He fucks me from underneath, which was a nice change of pace from me riding with all the effort. When he mentioned the rough car sex at first, I assumed a rough BJ and me riding, not exactly this. And not exactly that rough of a BJ either. I can hear the slapping noises of my pussy as the car gets a bit hotter. Then, of course, the cum. It fills every bit of me.

Used, Just Like I Like

Very matter-of-factly, he says thank you and to go get in the back. When I got out the driver’s side, I could feel his jizz dripping down my thighs, and there was a lot of it. I walk around to the passenger back seat and pull the handle, only to find it locked. I peer through the window and he blows a kiss before hitting the gas and driving off. He used me for rough car sex, and I guess I will have to find another taxi.

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