Being the third wheel doesn’t always suck, in fact, if you play your cards right it can be amazing. I have obviously always been a slut for men and women, but it isn’t common enough I can get them both at the same time. In fact, a drunken spit roast is an ultimate fantasy.

Drunk And Slutty

At the bar, a woman approaches me first, and immediately I was attracted. She had perky tits and a dress tight enough to make me think filthy thoughts about them. I saw she had a ring on her finger from the beginning, so clearly she was just trying to chat with me. However, it wasn’t long into the conversation that she put her hand on my thigh. She slid her fingers up my leg and an inch under my skirt, taunting my little pussy while she leaned into my ear.

I could feel her breath in my ear while she whispers that she wants me to come with her and her husband to a hotel room. The whole time she was over here, she was feeding me shots, and I think she knew what she was doing. She wanted me to be drunk. My pussy would be throbbing for her so I wouldn’t say no. I only wish she knew I wouldn’t have said no either way. A drunken spit roast or wasted threesome is already eating at my naughty mind.

Before I can respond, she uses her other hand to grab my face and turn me towards hers. My lips were less than an inch away from hers and her other hand was still tracing my thigh inches from my hungry little cunt. I whimper the most pathetic whimper I could manage in agreeance and adjust my dress once she lets go.

Drunken Spit Roast Fantasy Granted

As we approach the husband, he puts his arms around me, steadying my drunken walk. We go into the elevator and as soon as the doors shut the Husband informs me that they will only let me play if I am the best submissive I could be. Of course, I agree, slurring on my words as my thighs rub together trying to contain my juices. I wonder what they will do to me?

The doors open, and they guide me to their room. After walking in, the husband grabs me and throws me on the bed. His cock is already hard from watching me lick my lips at my own dirty thoughts. He was rough, grabbing at my neck and slamming me around like a rag doll. The liquid courage rushing through me made me crave even rougher, and I think he saw it in my eyes. He grabs my cheeks hard, opens my mouth, and spits down my throat. I watch his hungry eyes search my body as he kisses and lightly bites his way down to my pussy.

Have My Cock And Eat It Too

I look behind him as he lowers himself, and find myself watching her tightening a strap onto her waist. That cock is big and definitely girthy. Her eyes meet mine, and she gives me a smirk like she is about to own every part of me. She walks around to my head on the right side of the bed, while her husband starts to slide his tongue on my clit. Now I realize I am getting the drunken spit roast I have always wanted. I moan out and my head raises a bit, but I feel her hands grab my hair frantically and pull it back down flat.

She slides her huge rubber cock right into my mouth with no mercy and I feel my moans being choked out of me. Her husband still ruthlessly licking my cunt while my intoxicated hands grab at the sheets. I start gagging on the cock in my mouth, drool dripping around it and down my face. To my surprise, he stops licking, stands up, and with a quick motion slams his cock balls deep inside me. I took every second of this spit roast, never wanting it to end.

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