I love a good humiliation phone sex call because we all know what a Sexy Size Queen I can be. Today though A little bit of fun with some sexy cosplay with one of my favorite girls, Catwoman. This Kitty cat cannot wait to get her claws into you! So lay back and let this sexy cosplay joi get your jollies off! Time for Catwoman to take it away and call your milk from your body. All things considered, it is one of her greatest pastimes.

Sexy Cosplay JOI: Catwoman is here for you!

sexy cosplay joi

Your device screen lights up in the dark a sexy cosplay joi girl appears on your screen dressed as Catwoman. Her thin black mask frames her eyes in a mischievous yet playful way. The tight black catsuit hugs her every curve. Her Icy white hair cascades down shoulders and brushes the side of her ample bosom.  She has a friendly smile but her eyes behold a little darker intentions.  She parts her lips and begins to speak directly to you.

” I see you there, cock in hand I want to help you with that” She trailed her fingers up and down the exposed skin her breath hitching a little she bites her lip.

“Take it nice and slow just rub that cock head for me, just tease the tip” Catwoman bites her lip and looks at you seductively.

This Sexy Cosplay joi Catwoman begins to unzip her top just for you

The zipper glides down the leather material and Catwoman. The material parts and her soft flesh begins to pour out. you can see now that her nipples are pink and round. The perky pink nips are puffy with excitement. She gripped the leather catsuit and began jiggling her voluptuous soft tits.

“Now slowly stroke your cock for me, That’s Right baby up and down. Your so fucking sexy I love watching you stroke that fat cock for me, it makes my tight little cunt so wet. Do you see how horny watching you make me? Look at my perky little nipples begging you to wrap your hungry mouth around them and suck. Suck on them like a good little boy”

She let out a soft sigh as she rolled a nipple between her dainty fingers. Her nipples tightening up against her pale dewy skin. Small goosebumps popping up the more she teased. a soft moan escaped between her pale pink lips and she rolled her soft wet pink tongue across her top lip.

” Now Baby I want you to Squeeze that cock tighter, just like it was on my velvety tight little box, squeezing it. I want your cock to pulse and twitch thinking about diving into my dripping wet cunt.”  Catwoman the sexy cosplay joi began to unzip her suit more her pale arms pulling from the body-hugging outfit.

Catwoman the sexy cosplay joi babe fully disrobes for you showing off her amazing tits on full display!

sexy cosplay joi

Catwoman’s glorious huge tits are on full display for you know. She pulls out a bottle of baby oil and begins to drip it on her pale soft skin. She starts to rub it in staring at you her full lips parted as you can tell she is enjoying it. Enjoying the feeling of her hands rubbing all over her well-lubed tits.

” Okay now baby, do you like my huge tits? I want you to grip your cock and stroke it fast for me. I want you to imagine you pulling out your cock while i…”

She trailed off and pressed her hands into her tits and squeezed them together. Her bouncy round full breast jiggling between her small hands.

“Now Stroke that cock for me like you wanna fuck me. No like I am the only one that can make you cum. That’s right I want you to milk that fucking cock for me, give me all your cum spread your seed all over, these huge oiled up tits”

Cat woman Jiggles Her Round mounds faster for you a dark needy look in her eyes. She is demanding your seed.

“You’re going to be a good boy for me and milk that fucking cock dry. I don’t want one drop of the white gold left in those heavy balls of yours. Now you’re going to cum for me in 5…4…3…2..1. That’s right that is my good fucking boy! OH yes, baby look at all that fucking cum!

The Screen Flips to black and just like that your sexy cosplay joi goddess is gone and you are left panting covered in your sticky mess craving more.



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