I just love talking about all the naughtiest things that I enjoy and all my fantasies.  The best thing about being a Phone Sex Operator is I get to tell you all what a lovely slut I am! I love sharing my favorite toys like my animal play dildos! One of my Favorite things to challenge my self particularly is seeing how big a cock I can fit in my tight little box. I admit it I am a sexy size queen! The bigger the cock the better. I have no preference for color but I do enjoy a nice big black cock once in a while!.

Sexy Size Queen My love of Huge Eggplant cock!


” I just love fucking and sucking Big Black Cock!”-Delilah

Taking Big cock is so much fun I love to watch them stuff my tight little holes and make me take it to the max! The is no love in my life for anything smaller than 8 inches! 8 is pushing it, I much prefer at least a 10 inches. If you have a tiny cock no worries I would enjoy using you like a good little cuck. How would you like me making you my personal fluffer?  After all whats better to take nice big cock then having a nice dripping wet pussy for it to slide into nice and slow. If you’re a good boy I may even let you lick and suck the sweet cream from my well-fucked pussy.

Be the best boy and ill straddle your face and let you watch a real man get to work and teach you how a pussy should be fucked. Listen to me enjoy everything. From the feeling every inch sliding in and out of me. Hear my breath hitching the moment that cock is fully sheathed in me.  Explore this sexy size queen’s desire to take a big cock.   My goal is to take the biggest thickest cock I can find!

This Sexy Size Queen Has Room For Tiny Cocks As Well!


“But Miss Delilah I Don’t Mesure up!”

Aw, you’re wondering if I really have room for your small pathetic cock in my tight glorious pussy? Well yes and no. In short, that Tiny cock will never know the joy of feeling the warm velvety hug I can give it. I have other plans for that little nub of a cock of yours.  I’m surprised you would even dare to fathom me giving it any pleasure. My pleasure from it will be to tease and torment it. You will never forget what a small miserably inadequate thing you dare to call a cock is.

What ways can I remind you of your lack of manhood? I will give you a list illustrated with pictures of things bigger than you. Like a tube of chapstick. Unlike that cock of yours, the chapstick will actually touch my lips. With this in mind, go ahead and stroke that cock with two fingers. All things considered, that is the only pleasure that it will get.

Let’s get you fitted with a cock cage after your done I am sure that there’s is something small enough to keep your hands off your button.

What else can this sexy size queen do with that tiny nub?

On the other hand, I could also put you in some of my sexy panties. I  could make you the best little sissy I could imagine. If your cock isn’t big enough to please me, then you will be a good little horny girl and suck a big cock for me.

It would be good practice for you to suck all the cock you can and tell me all about it. I wanna hear how your a good little bitch for me and got all prettied up. Also, I wanna know the color of your lipstick you wore and how many rings of it you left behind!

To put it differently, I want you to be my good little cock sucking pantie wearing sissy! Maybe one day I can train you to be a sexy size queen like me.  Likewise if your a bad little sissy, I have many ideas on how to punish such a bad girl like yourself. I can’t wait to tell you.

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