Playing with men is one of my best skills. Using my mind, body, and skills to tease and torture their minds is a naughty game I love playing. Of course, tease and denial for their cock and balls are just as much fun too. My Sexy Booty Latina Teasing is something no man can resist. Using my fine ass to drive them wild and make them want more and more. Additionally, they beg me to keep going with our tease and denial games.

Some guys need the Latina GFE Orgasm Denial. They want the girlfriend experience instead of a domme to rule over them. I am that damn good and can do all of it. Whether you crave a girlfriend to play with or a strong goddess to control you, I can be the one you need. My skills are unsurpassed in all areas and I love giving my callers the most amazing experiences ever.

Most of them fall in love with my Sexy Booty Latina Teasing immediately.

Furthermore, that is alright by me. I love being their goddess and playing games with their weak minds. Although, all the Phone Sex Chat sessions I do are amazing. I love providing expert GFE sex therapy, bilingual JOI, erotic humiliation, SPH, and so much more! There isn’t anything I can’t do well. I am fantastic and love every type of call. That is why my callers walk away satiated.


When I am giving sexy booty Latina teasing, it is all about leaving the balls full. For all my other calls, it is about draining them. I love helping them to shoot a big load all over my sexy body or in my tight pussy. When I am in goddess mode, they are not even getting near cumming. I am taking them to the edge so they can feel that “almost there” feeling. I love seeing their faces getting excited.

Then, they have to stop jerking off.

That is one of my favorite moments. As I am controlling them, I let them get so close, and then, I stop them. Their sad faces and sweating bodies are ready to explode. They are under my control and I am keeping them from pure pleasure. What a fucking thrill that is for me. Oh, my sweet little bitches, handing over their lives to me. That ball sac is full of cum and so ready to shoot out all that sperm.

However, I say, NO! And, they listen. Fucking amazing to have them follow every order. Of course, I don’t do this forever. It is feeling like forever to them but I promise it is only for hours. Oh, yes, I said hours. I want them to understand I am in charge. If I only made them hold it for a few minutes, it would ring true to them. When our game lasts hours, they understand, I am serious about being their goddess.

Some men need to be taught hard lessons.

If I let them slack, it will mean they expect it later on. I feel it is important to start with the hard lessons early on. We establish how serious I am about my dominance and our relationship flows much smoother. What about you, reader? Would you enjoy my naughty Latina booty teasing or one of the other fetishes? Call me and let’s play!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke