To say I am a slutty girl is an understatement. Of course, I am a high-class slut. Not just anyone is getting time in my fine ass pussy. So many men are approaching me and I am happily turning down those not worthy. Once in a while, I am feeling bitchy and I will say yes only to use my Latina GFE Orgasm Denial on them without letting them cum, ever!

I am quite happy leaving them with a ball sack full of cum. Them begging me to let them shoot their load and I am walking out that door saying, “Fuck no!” I am always striving on improving my skills in all areas and fetishes. My guy, Alejandro is a champ when it comes to helping me out. Right now, he is getting into the Latina GFE orgasm denial. I love this guy to the moon and back.

Not everyone is capable of handling Latina GFE Orgasm Denial.

You have to learn the edging process or you will shoot your load before I am even thinking of permitting you. Of course, once that happens, I am going to punish you. How you ask, well, that it is to be determined by whomever I am playing with at the moment. I am learning a great deal about my guys during my Sex Therapy Phone Sex and each guy is different.

Your best bet is learning to edge so you can enjoy our Latina GFE orgasm denial sessions and get to continue playing with me. There are guys I am kicking to the curb for less. Like I told you earlier, I get in these bitchy moods and take it out on my guys. Of course, it is the weak pathetic ones I abuse the most. And, always those with tiny peckers.

They get the harshest of treatment from me!

My Spicy Latina SPH is wicked and I eat the souls of men with little dicks. Especially those cocky mother fuckers that still think they are God’s gift to women. It is my destiny to show them the truth. They are lacking in the necessary area to please women. And, their inadequacies do matter to us. Size is always important, Bitch!


Now, if you are new to the edging game and need guidance, I am willing to cut you some slack during the initial training with me. However, if you are new and have a small pecker, it is going to be hard on you. You should be completely self-aware in that area. And, I am unable to give slack with tiny cocks.

Something about you little dick men is irritating to me.

Oh, yea, the fact that you can’t please me! Of course, I am still willing to play my Latina GFE Orgasm Denial game with you. It is going to be more intense and some guys enjoy that. For the rest of you looking for a sexy girlfriend willing to deny your cumming, I am the best you are going to find. My skills are bar-none.

Alejandro is willing to attest to that. This man is loving the fact that I am making him hold out from cumming for a day or more. Why? Because, when I finally permit him to shoot that load, it is exquisite. If I let him do it while fucking me, it is even better. Tease and denial have amazing perks, my friends.

Are you curious about it or are you an expert?

Either way, I promise I am rocking your socks off. I don’t just tell you what to do, I show off while I am telling you. Using this sexy body, and my beautiful clothes, I do everything possible to get you to the edge. Then, when you are close, I make you take your hand off of your dick and stay that way until you come back from the edge. Only to start over again with the clothes coming off.

It is amazing seeing you get so close and then stop you. I can see the pain and pleasure in your face. So, if you are ready to play my game, you need to call me now. If, I see you as worthy, let the games begin!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke