You will never experience anything like my Spicy Latina SPH. Why, because I will devour your soul during our session. I have no mercy for men with itty bitty peckers. They disgust me, I need a real man with a real cock. A man who can use that dick, making me cum again and again. Be honest, you have never made a woman cum.

I know guys like you with little dicks think you are pleasing women. Many of you with your handsome exterior wooing women with your good looks and manners. That is your way of trying to keep them around when they see your tiny dick. I have no doubt is working on some desperate ladies. Sad, but true. However, they are lying if they are telling you they don’t care.

It is my job, to be honest, telling you the entire truth during my Spicy Latina SPH.

I am not lying to you and I am enjoying it. Telling you the painful truth, making you own that truth from here on out. Oh, it makes my tight pussy tingle to see you hurt from my words. It is time you face this truth and own your sad little dick. Unlike the majority of women in the world, I see no point in telling you it is okay you have an inadequate cock. Why, because it isn’t okay. It is disgusting and ugly.

I can tell by the tears in your eyes, no one has been telling you the truth. Too funny that I am getting this pleasure first. Breaking the spirit of a man with a clitoris instead of a dick is one of my favorite joys. Teasing and berating you is intoxicatingly fun. Seeing you react like a hurt little bitch is only adding to my pleasure.


I am proud to demolish weak men with tiny peckers.

Sure, I run into the random man who is okay with his dick, even after he learns women aren’t. Those men are heartless pricks and I respect them for being who they truly are. Do I like them, fuck no?! Do I wish I could break them so they aren’t breaking the hearts of lovely ladies, fuck yes?! However, they are immune to my spicy Latina SPH, they have no soul.

The real men out there with nice big dicks are lots of naughty fun for this girl. They take me to Cum Filled Blonde status, where I love to be. Using their huge dicks, fucking my pussy like champs. Oh, the fun they are bringing when we are playing together. The fun is never-ending during one of our trysts. I can ride that cock all night long.

Unlike that sad little dick between your legs.

Seriously, it is such a tiny little thing. It is reminding me of a tiny puppy that is unhealthy. People avoid it because they want the fun, healthy puppy in the litter. You are unwanted and undesired by all women. Yes, there are those desperate ladies that are lying to you. Why, because they need a man in their life and are willing to settle for less than a man with you.

You, sir, are not a real man. Sure, you work and provide for your family or loved one but you are not providing in the bedroom. A real man is capable of doing that as well. You are a sad, pathetic, tiny dick bitch. The fun here is me being the one helping you own it. You no longer have to wonder if that desperate bitch is lying to you. Now, you know she is.

My SPH Humiliation Phone Sex is all about giving you a reality check.

I know you are feeling my wrath, somebody has to do this. If not, you go through life living a lie. Do you want that? Oh, maybe you do. Shit, maybe it is easier not to know the truth. Well, fuck, too late now. Sorry, I am laughing but it is funny. You would choose to live life in the dark, living a lie instead of knowing these women are lying to you.

Furthermore, I find that insane. I am having no regrets about bringing you into this reality. Own this shit baby! Tell me something, Reader, is your cock hard right now? Do you want to play a game of spicy Latina SPH with this wicked diva? If so, call me now. I am happy to tear you down.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke