I was already loving my new job.  The parents were so great they put the kids to bed so all I had to do was make sure the house did not burn down.  They had a giant house,  I had to explore.  They had an indoor pool, movie room, gym room, like five bathrooms, a huge luxurious kitchen.  I loved it and I was so glad to be their babysitter.  I could definitely see myself fitting in at this place.  I reached the master bedroom and was completely intrigued.

It was very erotic.  Deep shades of red, black lace, and gold trim.  The nude paintings on the wall were very hot.  The bed was huge I layed on it.  It felt like laying on air.  When I looked up there was this huge mural of this group of girls surrounding a man who was tied up doing very erotic and sexual things to him.  It was so hot.  I was so turned on, I could not help but let my fingers linger to my wet cunt.

I started stroking my clit.  Rubbing my hand up my body massaging my tits, pulling them out of my shirt so I could lick my nipple.  I started fucking myself harder, slamming those fingers deep inside my pussy.  The next thing I know I hear a man’s voice asking me and if I am having a good time.  It was my boss and his wife, they came back.  There plans had canceled.

I was speechless, breathless, and so embarrassed.   The mother came over and sat next to me on the bed.  She reached for my cream covered fingers and started licking them.  Her husband came over and put his big sandy hands on my clit.   Replacing them with his tongue.  I had no idea what has happening, it was all happening so fast.  All I know is that I was feeling such intense pleasure I did not want it to stop.

I closed my eyes and felt his wife’s pussy on my face.  I started licking it.  Making her squirm, moan, and give her self to me.  It was turning me on even more knowing how good I was making her feel.  I felt her husband push the head of his cock in between my pussy lips.   It felt so good.  So much intensity.  My cunt hole was pulling his dick towards me.  He popped his fucktoy in my tight snatch and just started pounding me.  Harder and harder we go.  Spreading my legs wide open, pushing himself deeper and deeper into me.

His wife started cumming on my face which started a domino effect.  My pussy started to get so tight as it milked that dick.  Making me cum so fucking hard making me swallow that dick balls deep.  My intensity shocked waves through my boss’ dick.  Making him explode inside me.   We just layed there panting.  Falling asleep together in that big bed.  Each of them taking turns waking me up through the night and having their way with me.

~Sexy Babysitter Caden Candy~