I am feeling tired and horny today. I think I am going to take a nap and sleep it off. Laying down, feeling this horny, I know I am taking it with me into my sleep and I do. Here, in my sleep, I am searching for sexy men. They have dicks as big as horses. All of sudden here I am in this Sexy Animation Fantasy. Yes, a cartoon character.

It is still sort of like me but in animated form. I am a fine a specimen in animated form, even better than I am in real life. It is weird and yet kind of cool. This world is like all the cartoons we watch. I can do things not possible in the normal world, only everything here is so hot and naughty. I seem to be stuck here in this sexy animation fantasy.

Furthermore, this world of sexy animation fantasy is like nothing I have ever experienced.

If you are reading my blogs, you know I am a size queen. This sexy bitch doesn’t need an itty bitty pecker in her life. Therefore, any man bringing me their tiny dick is getting my Small Penis Humiliation. Losers should be preparing for my honesty. As a size queen, seeing your little tallywacker makes me laugh out loud and get mean. Above all, I am not holding back when I am humiliating you.

Everything in this sexy animation fantasy is magnified. Sizes, shapes, objects, all extreme. That means my giant breasts are huge here. So sexy. Asses are bigger and rounder. Consequently, cocks are either huge or even smaller than real life. I am talking truly sad little dicks for the small penis losers. The men with big dicks are fine mother fuckers in here! Their cocks hang low.

Therefore, I am loving this place so much!

As I am checking out this sexy animation fantasy, I am enjoying all the scenes going on around me. Of course, I am a cum slut so my fantasy world is full of not-stop sex and naughty play. Furthermore, even the ugly things in here are looking sexy when they are involved in sexual activity. This is crazy, man! So cool and yet, I need to get back home. I seem to be awake and not dreaming.

That means I am currently stuck here and I am not sure how to get back to my world. As my mind is processing this, a sexy guy is staring me down. Smiling at him, I can’t help but wonder what sex is like in here. It doesn’t look like I have to wonder long as the hot man is coming to me. I can’t help noticing that huge package in his pants, making this size queen phone sex operator very happy. Smiling at me, he asks if I would like to fuck.

Why yes, sexy man, I sure would!

In this sexy animation fantasy, you think about fucking a dude and there is a gorgeous bed ready for you! Maybe I can get used to this! He is laying me down and his lips are silk on my body. My giant titties fall out and he is happily sucking my big nipples. Oh my, I am even more sensitive here! That feels so damn good baby! His hands are wandering all over my body.

Oh shit, that feels fucking amazing! I watch him as he is undressing and his huge cock is falling down his leg. Wow, is that going to fit in me? Of course, it is, this is my sexy animation fantasy, anything is possible. All around us people are fucking and I am trying to concentrate on him. Before I know what is happening this fine chick is joining us. Her body is incredible!

I am so excited to fuck these two, my pussy is dripping wet!

The three of us are making out. Even kissing is better here. Wow, their lips and tongues feel so good against mine. Soon, we are all undressed and it is getting naughty fast. She is between my legs, eating my pussy and driving me crazy. He is exploring our bodies as he is getting positioned between my legs.

Then…wow! I know you want to hear how this played out. Truthfully, you want to hear about that insane sex we had, right?! Wonderful, call me and I will give you all the dirty details!