Sexually Frustrated?

Ugh!  I am so sexually frustrated!  I just sucked his dick and rode him so fucking hard!  Yes I got off but only once and just before he shot his load in me.  I didn’t even get to make it last long enough for the shocks to travel all through me.  So now what?  I am laying here in bed with cum dripping out of my swollen, hot pussy and it is screaming for more!  Snoring limp dick over here isn’t waking up for anything.  I kind of don’t blame him though.  I did wear him out.  But what do I have to show for it?  Frustration!


It was like one big tease.  I am the one that teases around here!  Damn it!  So, what should I do?  Lay here and watch a new episode of one of my shows that just started airing again to try to drown out the ach between my legs or get a toy our and take care of this shit myself?  I have a better idea!  Why don’t one of you awesome guys reading this call a girl up and help her out.  Yep!  That sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than taking care of this myself.  Hell, I help you out when you are horny as fuck and we already know it’s more fun rubbing one out with someone sexy telling you what to do.  I want it deep, hard and fast!  No limp dick with my dido.  No cumming before I ride out my orgasm all the way.  I want to feel that tingle from my toes to my scalp and back again!  If you don’t call me now you are going to miss all the fun!  We could recreate it again later.  I am always up for a good, hard fuck!  Are you going to be the one to give it to me?

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