Sex with mom was unforgettable

A mother’s love has no limits. She proved it when I could not admit to her that my sex drive was making my life miserable. Which is how I started to have sex with mom you see she thought I was getting ill. So, since I had been going to bed early every night. She came to my room to check on me.

As she sat next to my hip on the bed she began stroking my stomach expressing her concern. I could not help jerking away slightly from her hand. Till she suddenly jerked the cover back.

“You poor darling,” she smiled, her cheeks still flushing brightly, “you seem to have become a man, without me realizing it, haven’t you?”

As soon as she had restored my speech by assuring me that it was perfectly normal for a boy my age to have an erection, she wanted to know what had caused it.

Gently stroking my rigid cock all the time we were talking my youthful sex weapon was harder than ever.

“I guess neither one of us will get any rest until I take care of it for you,”

 she smiled, still flushing as bright as ever, as she continued to hold my eyes with her own.

Finally releasing her hold on my already throbbing pecker. She climbed into bed and pulled up her nightgown, revealing a wonderful trim line leading between her snowy thighs, when she laid on her back.

“Come on dear, get on top of me,”

she whispered, holding out her arms to me. When I hesitated, not quite sure what she wanted me to do, “the sooner you do it to me, the sooner we’ll be able to get some sleep.”

She kept her eyes glued to my face all the time I was climbing between her spread legs. Lifting a knee on either side of me.

Sex with Mom
Sex with Mom

I braced myself on my arms looking down into her flushed face. She reached between us and guided the hard cock into herself.

“Push it dear,” she whispered, sliding her arms around my neck, after tucking the head of my virgin penis between the slippery lips of her pussy,

“Push it in me.”

If I live to be a thousand, I’ll never forget how it felt when my hard prick slowly slipped into her, the quivering tissues of her tight cunt feeling like fiery fingers as they clung to the invading cock.

“Stay in me,” she whispered rather sharply, a moment later, as my fully buried cock suddenly exploded, tightening her hold on my neck and wrapping her legs around me, so I was unable to move, “then we’ll make sure it doesn’t get hard again during the night.

“All right sweetheart,” she whispered after her well-educated pussy had re-hardened my buried cock to her satisfaction,

“Now you can give me the rest of it.”

She laid there unmoving and smiling up at me, the soft slurping sound of my cock sliding in and out of her tight well lubricated cunt the only sound in the room, as she allowed me to use her body to achieve another climax.

“Does it feel nice darling?” she whispered, still smiling as she reached up and stroked my cheek, as I continued to pump my virgin prick into her now drooling love tunnel.

“Oh God,” I gasped, not pausing for a second as I thrust my stiff aching prick into her with more and more force, as I felt myself getting ready to come again, “you know it does!”

“Don’t hold back sweetheart,” she whispered a few moments later, obviously realizing from my expression that I was nearing my climax once more,

“Give it to me whenever you’re ready.”

Her knowing eyes were locked with mine, as she smiled up at me, while my hot sticky cream squirting into her contracting cunt. Obviously realizing the pleasure, I was experiencing at the moment.

Then as I fell forward on her gasping for breath, she once more gathered me into her arms and kissed me.

Sex with Mom
Sex with Mom

“Let me up dear,” she whispered, pushing me off herself, as my deflated prick finally slipped from her drooling sheath, “so I can take care of myself, then you can wash up.” she laid her head on my shoulder,

Even though she already had all my love and affection, I still felt the deep warmth of gratitude that swept through me.

As the days went by I began to realize I had underestimated her concern for my sexual welfare that night. For she now seemed obsessed with the idea of helping me drain my passions every night, before allowing me to go to sleep.

Naturally, though we never discussed it, I knew she only did it to make sure that I would have no inclination to look elsewhere to quell my youthful lust.

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Sex with Mom
Sex with Mom

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