sex while on the phone

My next-door neighbor is CEO of a large business… who I had been sleeping with for a while now. Well, he had a night free from his wife. He came over when was logged in, he wanted to play a naughty game as I worked. Since he knows I work at phone sex kingdom he loves to fuck me while I work. He knows how hot it makes me to have sex while on the phone on a phone sex call without the clients knowing I am. It is kind of like being a flasher LOL without the client KNOWING he is hearing me come from a cock or whatever LOL. We had already played some between calls so I had nothing but

a tank top on and my pink lace thongs.

I had just gotten on the phone with a client, he gripped my hair between his finger unzipping his pantsuit taking his hard-throbbing cock out. He gripped harder

 pushing his cock down my throat.

He whispered and told me to hold there and don’t move. My mouth leaking out the drool while my body wanted to resist from his cock choking down my throat. I was making gagging sounds which my client loved as I was supposed to be gagging on his cock. His hands tighten causing my body to tighten from the pain and moaning unto his cock. He started to count one, two, he whispered not to move. He counted again three, four, my body getting covered from me drooling from mouth and cunt like someone had poured water down me. As he counted to 13 as I gaged on his throbbing cock, he gripped my hair

tighter causing me to come to an orgasm.

My mouth drooled with saliva as I heard my client orgasming in my ear. I could feel my body coming and the saliva running down my chin through my chest and onto the floor. He gripped tighter making my body melt into his hands. My client telling me how great I was and thanking me to keep cumming for him.  My body falling further down to the carpet. That is when my mind had finally let go,

 I had hit my subspace,

where my mind, my body was all his. He gripped my hair tighter leaning onto my body as our bodies laid onto the floor. He teased. The head of his throbbing cock against my thigh. Feeling the moisture from my orgasm. He thrust in me making me moan even louder. My body tightening around him, on the edge of cumming again.

He thrust harder and harder into me.

Causing him to breath heavier into my neck while my cries of ecstasy got louder. My client encouragement in my ear. My body curved up as he moved in and out of me. His grip never loosening my body just melting with the pain and pleasure both.  The music started a faster rhythm which leads to him fucking me hard and fast like a horse in a race.  My body tightening and coming to another full orgasm. He grabbed me tighter causing my body to stay in one position as he held me down. He thrust in and out and faster till

I could feel his warm Cum shooting

We laid there both for a second catching our breaths as I felt our cum sliding from of my cunt. We both kissed each other oh so gently as we smiled into one another’s eyes… And my client telling me how I am a good girl and the best phone sex he ever had never known I was having sex while on the phone with him. LOL I could not help thinking that this is going to be one to teach when I was giving Lessons in Lust with Young Sex Stories… as examples, you understand LOL

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