Sex Toys, Would you use one in front of a cop to get out of a ticket?

Sex toys and my story. Picture it Superbowl Sunday and Michigan is getting pounded with another snow storm. I decide I am going to pack up and head home from Michaels. Running out the house I realize that I didn’t put my favorite vibrator in my bag. Asking Micheal to grab one of my sex toys and put it in my bag next to the computer was a mistake. Even though he assured me that he completed this task he lied. The drive home was a normal slip and slide for everyone during the storm. Only this time I slid right through a red light. Red and blue flashers appeared behind me.

Pulling over the officers approach my car.

The usual questions were asked, Where are you going in such a hurry? Have you been drinking? How is your driving record? Then the cop on the passenger side of my vehicle asks whats that as he is shining his flashlight on my cup holder.

Holy shit, sweet baby Jesus. It’s my sex toys.

Michael put the vibrator in the cup holder. Explaining to the officers that it is for work because I am a phone sex operator was pretty entertaining for them. At first, they didn’t know if I was lying or not. So I opened up the phone sex kingdom web page and showed them my profile. They were amazed that it really was me. Offering me a chance to get out of the ticket I had to talk dirty to them while I masturbate with my sex toys in front of them.

I had no problem telling them what I wanted to do their bbc while I slid the sex toys in and out of my pussy.

I felt it getting wetter as I saw them getting harder. My pussy juice was all over the sex toys and working its way down the seat. Begging them to cover me in their creamy cum. Trust me this was no sex game.  If you want to find out what else happened or want to hear the hum of my vibrator as I slide it in and out and make myself cum Then call me. For free phone sex minutes watch this video and vote for The Dirty Dolls.

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