Sex game.

An educational sex story. Ok here is your shopping list: 1) a bottle of baby oil. I usually buy a big bottle. It doesn’t have to be any specific brand, dollar store brand is good. 2) a shower curtain. I just buy a liner, you need the plastic one. For this I really don’t care for the dollar store brand, it is much too thin and tears easily. Target has some thicker quality ones for about $5.00. Now we are ready for the set up of the sex game. Take the shower curtain and open it up, unfold it and lay it on the ground.

I prefer this sex game on the ground.

If done on the bed you are at risk for falling off and causing injury to yourself or your partner. The next step is to take the baby oil and squirt it on the shower curtain making sure it is covered well. Step 3 is to take off all of your clothes. Rubbing each other down with baby oil helps also.

Let the sex game begin.

What you are going to want to do is get on your knees facing each other. Begin kissing each other and nature will take its course. Don’t expect this to be very passionate sex. Slipping and sliding around as you are trying to get hard and trying to get into positions is fun.

Please don’t take it personal as your girl begins to laugh.

She is not laughing at you she is laughing with you. If you manage to actually have sex like this you will win. If sex does not happen during this sex game don’t give up. Not many people will on the first try. Just remember to be careful while playing this sex game it can be very dangerous and injury could result from this.

Don’t become the newest episode of Sex Sent Me To The ER.

Fun and games aside, now you are aware that sex toys don’t have to be dildos and vibrators.

Have fun and enjoy it. Then call me for some naughty adult chat.

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