It is time for your sex therapy appointment.

When you made your first sex therapy appointment, you were very nervous. But you read the best reviews about me online. People raved about coming to see me, and their lives changing after their very own sex therapy appointment. It was almost hard to believe.

But things were getting so out of hand for you, that you couldn’t wait around any longer. You needed to make a change, and that change was me. You were able to book the appointment online, without having to talk to anyone. Just the way you liked it.

At first, you thought it was a little odd that I didn’t accept insurance. But more and more doctors weren’t these days. You figured you would just pay the out of pocket cost just to see why the reviews were raving about me. Finally, the day came for your sex therapy appointment.

It took you two months just to be able to get an appointment with the famous, Dr. Olivia. Soon you arrived at the address which took you a moment to find. It was quite hidden at first glance.

The waiting room had my secretary’s desk and a very plush purple loveseat.

My secretary stood up right away to greet you. No one else was in the waiting room. And the whole sex therapy appointment started to seem very personal. You carefully examined my secretary up and down, since you couldn’t believe your own eyes.

She was wearing a very short pencil skirt with black lacey thigh highs underneath. The skirt went up to her belly button, but if she were to bend over, you could have gotten a clear view of her ass. Unfortunately for you, Courtney was very careful.

Even her white blouse was just see-through enough for you to notice her black lacey bra. Thoughts of how great Courtney must look completely naked filled your head. You couldn’t help it after all. She gave you a wink and took down your name.

She said I was expecting you, and she pranced away to tell me you have arrived. Apparently, a lot of first-time appointments are no shows because they get very nervous. You were nervous enough but decided it was way too late to try to turn back now.

Finally, Courtney came back.

It seemed like forever to you but it really was only a couple of minutes later. She told you that I was ready, and she guided you into my office.

Well…you wouldn’t call it an office in a traditional standpoint. I had no desk or bookshelves filled with useless books. Although, you noticed a couple of books laying on a stand, which included the Kamasutra. You heard the door close, and Courtney disappeared.

Your first sex therapy appointment was finally happening. I told you to sit on the couch, and I took my seat right across from you. Once, you heard me speak, your knees got weak and you had no choice but to sit down.

You finally got a chance to examine me while I did the same at you. All I had on was a yellow sundress, and you could tell I had no bra on just by my erect nipples. Every time I moved, my breasts bounce with every movement I made.

It was starting to get very hard for you to focus on my words, but my hands finally broke that spell when I put them on your knee and repeated my question.

“Why have you come for an appointment today?” I asked you.

My question was simple, yet you still managed to get easily tongue-tied. You began telling me how you haven’t had a woman’s touch in a long time, and you were beginning to wonder if you were doing something wrong.

Your answer makes me take my hand from your knee, and look into your eyes. “Well, we certainly test that in this first sex therapy appointment, and we will figure out a personalized plan just for you,” I whisper to you.

At first, you are confused, but then you saw me get up and onto your lap. Suddenly, you have a sexy blonde doctor on your lap, after months of no one.

But instinct quickly picks up, and you are running your fingers through my hair. “Are you ready for my full assessment?” I whispered into your ear, and then I begin unbuttoning your pants.

Don’t worry! I take outpatient appointments. Call me for some sex therapist phone sex.
Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke