I’ve been alone all day, walking around the house all day wearing nothing but Daddy’s shirt and my black lacey thigh highs.

I’m antsy knowing that Daddy will be home any minute. I hope that he thinks I look cute, like the good little house pet I want to be for daddy. I try to sit still in the living room, but I keep glancing out the window! I’m just waiting to hear my daddy’s car pull up. Then, I lay back on the couch my eyes glued to the window, I spread my legs wide. The shirt rides up my hips, showing off my black lacey thigh highs. Then mindlessly my hands wander. Thinking about all of the fucked up sex acts that Daddy will perform on me once he’s home.

Suddenly I realize, my hands are rubbing my wet cunt! I have one finger inside of me rubbing my clit with my free hand. “Oh no! I don’t have daddy’s permission! It just feels so fucking good!” I think to myself as I whimper. And my cunt is leaking, oh my, it’s leaving a wet spot on the couch. Daddy will know I was touching. So I have to stop!

Then I hear a noise in the driveway, a car door opens and closes. I know its Daddy! I’m smitten with excitement and a tingly fear of punishment. Then I hear his keys jingle and the door swing open. I’m over at the door before he steps in.

With every ounce of excitement in my body, I lovingly greet him. “Hi, Daddy!”

He looks me up and down, lingering on my sexy, black lacey thigh highs. Then he places a gentle touch on my thigh. Stroking me with his whole hand, getting a feel of me. As he breaks his gaze and looks into my eyes. His straight face turns to a smirk. Then out of nowhere, my head is twisted to the side, a sharp sting engulfing my face, like a slap.

I see Daddy’s large, strong hand. That’s what hit me! His hand is coming back closer to my face. Then I’m backhanded, my head flipping the opposite way.

“Daddy! Why?” I shout out.

“I know you touched your cunt. You did not ask. Where? In the bed or on the couch? Tell me now, or you’ll get something worse than just a slap.”

I’m startled but my cunt is dripping again. “I did Daddy. I’m sorry Daddy! It was on the couch! Please, I’m sorry!” I know he’s about to punish me. I’ve been bad, he knows best when to punish me. Then he grabs me by the collar of the shirt and pulls me to the living room. The wet spot I left on the couch is visible. Daddy drops to the couch and pulls me over his lap. He’s pressing my face into the couch right into the wet spot, it smells like my juices. My bare ass is exposed. I feel the hard slaps on my cheeks. Fuck its so painful! I can’t cry if I cry daddy will only hit harder! And I lose count of the number of spankings he has given me. Finally, he stops, my ass is stinging, I know that its bright red!

“Stand up and face me.” He demands. I do as Daddy says.

Then Daddy grabs my black lacey thigh high and rips it forward. I hear a little tear as I fall to my knees. I feel it come loose and fall around my knee. Daddy is making me look like the messy whore I know I am. At least I still have one of them on. The special black lacey thigh highs that he bought for me are ruined, but it’s worth it because I look like a proper cunt.

Then Daddy pulls his pants down around his thighs, his cock standing inches away from my face. I feel his strong hands on the back of my head. Daddy pulls me by the hair bringing me closer to his cock, I open my mouth as he slides into my wet suck hole.

“I don’t even have to ask you to open, you just do. Such a good whore for me. You do not touch your cunt without my permission. Understood?” He says as he releases my hair. I nod my head yes with his hard throbbing cock in my warm mouth.

“Suck me nice and good, Bitch. Fuck your wet mouth is getting me close. Lick my asshole now.”

Then I pull his cock out of his mouth and tongue his asshole. Getting to taste all of him after a long day makes me drip more. He strokes his cock hard and fast, while I eat away at his asshole.

I love letting daddy do whatever he wants to me, even if he did ruin my sexy black thigh highs. It doesn’t matter because Daddy can do whatever he wants to me. I’m Daddy’s little princess.


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