I am a fetish loving girl! Ever since I was young, I wanted to learn and experience multiple fetishes. The list of all I love is long, and I have learned I have more fun when I am a switch within the fetish. Sex sub-dom switch allows me to have so much fun and get to feel both sides of the fetish. Some call me adventurous and I would totally agree!

From the beginning, I have been a daredevil, wild child. Loving taking risks to see what it feels like. Adrenaline rushes are fucking awesome and I find them in many ways. The BDSM fetish provides intense pleasures for me. Then add in that I am a switch, I win in every situation. No matter who I play with!

Being a sex sub-dom switch is absolutely tantalizing!

My desires are met in so many ways. On days I feel mean and tough, I am your Dominatrix Goddess. I will make your life hell on earth. Not only do I use tools to torture your body, but my words are also a sharp sword to cut you to the quick. While I am doing that, I will laugh and revel in your idiocy.

You are a weak man meant to be abused by a beautiful Goddess. I am that Goddess. Providing you with the pain you desire, I am here to make sure you achieve the ultimate climax while under my spell. Together we are able to use our fetish love to experience erotic, sensual sex at it’s wildest. I provide the BEST phone sex chat so that you are always satiated.

You can share your darkest secrets with me!

Now, if you are looking for a submissive little slut to bow to your greatness, I am your girl. We can delve into your darkness, while you use the tools at your disposal to make me feel the deepest pain ever.

My mind and body are yours to do as you wish. Allowing you to torture and abuse me from the inside out. Whether you are torturing my soul, body or mind, you have all of me at your disposal.

Do you truly understand the depth of that statement?

I am offering my entire being to you. Giving you the key to controlling me, and allowing you to know my deepest darkest fears. Then you have the power to use them against me. Does that make your dick hard? Don’t lie, I know it does and that is exciting for me too. Knowing that when I bow down to you, I am face to face with your big hard pecker.

You can have me do anything you want. I never say no to you. You are smiling, aren’t you? Good, we need to have play time very soon. Then you can use your entire arsenal on me. I promise to surprise you with the level of pain I can handle. You have never met anyone like me as a submissive little slut. What an intense sex sub-dom switch experience!

Any way you like it, I will fulfill your dreams.

I am in love with this fetish and it is in my bones. If you are the same way we need to connect as soon as possible to delve into the core of our desires. Only a true lover of this fetish can please me. From either side of the fetish, I require commitment. You should be aware if I am your Spank Happy Goddess, I come at a high price.

You will be mine and commit to obey every command. Follow through on every assignment and know that if you fail, I will use MY arsenal to make sure you feel the depth of my wrath to your soul. Then, the rest of you, body and mind, will feel pain like no other you have ever experienced in this lifetime. You will beg for my mercy, but sadly for you, I do not have mercy.

So, if you are up for some sex sub-dom switch call me! I will provide the VERY best you will ever find. You will be addicted to me once we play. My body is ready to be controlled and dominated. On the flip side, I crave dominating you and your mind. Making you my little pay pig bitch. You know you want to play piggy….