Do you find it exhilarating to be dominated? I personally find it stimulating to dominate you. Controlling your moves, day in and day out. Being the one woman you can’t say no to, ever! I am the Spank Happy Goddess that enjoys the hold I have over your cock and mind. It is important for me to control all of you, including your wallet. Come to me little pay piggy. You know you want to be my financial domination slave.

Whether you like complete mind control, cock control or pure financial domination, this Goddess is the whole package. Providing dominance, humiliation and an open bank account for your tributes. Furthermore, I have skills that are specific to you and your needs. Together we can find the perfect fit for your submissive needs.

The Spank Happy Goddess loves to make your life hell!

You are my little bitch and pay piggy. I expect you to worship, honor and obey me 24/7 and if you will pay the consequences. Even if you are married, engaged, or dating, you belong to me first. I am deserving of your full submission and commitment and expect nothing less. Be honest, are you willing, able and ready for me?

I have an entire dungeon for the piggies craving physical domination. My spanking horse is always ready for a new sub. My pussy gets wet as I use my whips to bend you to my will. If you are unable to abstain while we are apart, you will wear the cock cage of my choosing. Taking my role as your spank happy goddess very serious, I make use of many tools.

If you are after mind control, I am happy to oblige.

I love forcing you to do things on video. Then I hold the precious videos in my vault, making my pussy tingle with power. Furthermore, I use this blackmail to bring you to your knees. You must worship and obey me when I ask for an assignment. If you are late in providing the requested product, you risk exposure to the world. I do not hesitate to expose you.

Do you secretly desire exposure? Your dick is getting harder with each assignment. Especially when you choose not to do them on purpose. Consequently, I know what you are doing. This is the way you get attention. Even if you have an ugly, tiny little penis, you are open for the world to see it. Forcing my hand to publish your shame.

You are a fucking loser that needs the Spank Happy Goddess to do your exposing.

What a stupid, waste of space human being you are. Above all, I am honest and hard on you. You get no kindness when you can’t get shit right. As the spank happy goddess, I expect you to treat me with the utmost respect and when you are letting me down, I make sure you feel my wrath. Whether we have a physical, mental or financial domination agreement, if you fuck up, I extract my pound of flesh.

Truthfully, I am good with any of the above. I love to humiliate you, torture you physically or take my tribute for your shitty behavior. It is all good for me, either way, we go. Why, because I am the fucking boss and you are my bitch. Therefore, I always win and you always lose. Remember that and we will be great. I am the queen at fetish phone sex and you get only the best with me!

Forget that or disrespect me and the shit hits the fan!

Publishing your videos publicly on Pornhub is fun and I love watching the comments rolling in. People ready to humiliate and make fun of you and crappy self. I will laugh my ass off as all the world judges your inadequacies. There are so many of them. You suck at life and I am here to tell you that.

When you are good, I will take down a video as a reward. If we are physical, and you are good, I might use the softer whip, maybe. LMAO, torture is an absolute pleasure. Taking my frustrations out on you with words, tools or financially brings me pure joy! What fun it is to see you squirm and whine. Such a fucking pussy, begging for mercy. Mercy is not one of my attributes so don’t expect any. Above all, you better be coming to me openly and ready.