There was a family wedding I had to go to recently, and it turned out a lot better than I could have imagined. I decided to take the train. It was going to be an overnight too, with a little berth to sleep in. I’d never slept overnight on a train before and have no idea what awaited me.

I took a cab to the local train station and got on board, it was a fairly boring day, I brought a couple of books to read to pass the time but I noticed this one good looking train steward. He was very attentive and said hello to me several times throughout the day.
I definitey smiled and made a point to look into his eyes and flirt a little. I was wearing a simple but sexy summer dress but I noticed him staring at my cleavage and another time he smiled and his eyes traveled up my long legs all the way up to my thighs.
I smiled to myself and I imagined how naughty it would be to and to open a few buttons on my dress and flash him some tit and even remove my panties.

But the next time I saw him he seemed busy and in a bit of a hurry..But not too busy before he slipped me a note. The note basically said “if you’re interested..Leave your cabin open tonight”.
I was in shock . And intrigued.

I tried to do some reading but just couldn’t concentrate. They served a nice dinner on the train, but the countryside we traveled through was so flat and boring, nothing of any interest to see really, pretty much just farmland and the occasional cow. When it came time to turn in for the night I got to my little cabin and started to undress and decided to sleep totally nude.

I was excited about the note that stranger had given me.I considered it for a minute and it seemed like something that could be fun. Besides I was in the middle of nowhere and no one knew me. So.. What the fuck ? Why not have an adventure! And yes..I left my cabin door open and got into the berth, not the most comfortable thing, but I could live with it.

I lay down and as time passed and I drifted off to sleep. Or did I? There was a soft knocking at the door and I couldn’t imagine who it was, as I hadn’t ordered anything to be brought to the door, but I got up and answered it anyway. It was the handsome train steward, out of his uniform, in jeans and a tee shirt, looking hot as fuck. I said I hadn’t ordered anything and he pushed his way in, closing the door behind him and said he knew what I wanted. I opened my mouth to speak and he had me pinned against the wall with my wrists above my head kissing me hard and I could feel his hard on through his jeans. I was so taken by surprise, yet I was instantly aroused and kissed him back with passion.

My nipples grew hard and made stiff peaks . I felt his hand brush my inner thighs as he pushed them open and sought my bare cunt with his fingers. I was already wet and his fingers expertly slid over my already stiffened clit which was standing at attention and demanding to be caressed. He commented on my wetness and called me a slut !I gasped and almost wanted to throw him the fuck out of my cabin but somehow it was hot . My breath caught in my throat as he started to rub me rhythmically and I started bucking my hips into his hand for full effect. His kissed me deeply as he fingered my pussy and I came on his hand, my orgasmic cries muffled by his tongue in my mouth.

He told me to get in the berth on my hands and knees and I did. There was sticky drops of wetness on my thighs and I heard him unzip and then felt him shove his thick cock inside of me. He roughly grabbed my tits and pinched the nipples and pulled me hard back into his cock, fuck it felt fantastic, he had come in here unannounced to use me and I was enjoying every minute of it. He thrust repeatedly into me and fucked me like some horny bitch in heat that was just waiting for his cock. His breathing quickened and I was approaching my second orgasm and my cunt clenched around his cock and all of a sudden I felt him spurting inside of me. My pussy feeling full, wet and sloppy with his cum that was oozing out of me. He barely caught his breath and then left and I was alone there in the darkness wondering if it had all been a dream…

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