Many Clients Make Me Soak My Panties With Their Sex Storys

Want to a little secret? My clients sex storys have me obsessed. Their hot and sometimes kinky but I love them all. I lay back on my bed and listen to my clients share their most intimate stories but I can’t control myself. It’s a true story. I’m the dirty pervert masturbating to your sex storys. One of my clients’ carl is obsessed with masturbating outside his neighbors’ window while watching her undress. In my head, I can see carl touching himself but I like to imagine the girl is teasing him. He goes into detail and I start sliding off my panties, my hand touches my bare pussy as I try and remain quiet. Just like you guys I love getting details while masturbating. I touch myself while wondering if she knows he’s watching her and touching himself.

Another client Matt, has a role play him and his wife do that’s hot. She’ll have him not tell her when he’s coming home from his business trip and make him sneak into the house wearing a black mask and rape her. While he rapes her, he’ll call her degrading names. I think this turns me on because it’s a fantasy of mine. Matt is dominant and I like hearing dominant role plays . Role playing is something I couldn’t live without so I love all sex storys that involve role play. Here is another sex story that I love hearing about Group sex. This one makes me crave every detail. I want to know where you put your mouth, where she put her mouth, and who came where. Was your wife getting gang banged before it ended in a cum bath?

If your cheating wife was treated like the whore tell me all about it. Maybe she only let you watch and you had to witness her cumming all over those other guys. Either way I’m going to get off on it. I have a few sex storys of my own but I’d like to hear yours too. Let’s trade dirty sex storys on my phone chat line. Do you think your stories can make me cum? There is only one way to find out and I’m ready for you now.

KInky Kelsey