Time for a fun sex story!

Calling all sissy boys! You have been craving a hot sex story. You know there is nothing I love more than a little sissy boy who I can dress up and play with however I want. I love it so much, it is like having my own toy person! I just get so happy when a man realizes they should just do whatever I want them to, it is their place after all! In fact, my sissy boy fantasies are some of my favorites. How about I share one right now?

Just imagine walking into my apartment. You are so horny and I am looking so hot, you cannot wait to fuck me. We go into my bedroom and start undressing. I take off your boxers only to notice that you have the smallest cock I have seen. I cannot help but start laughing. Then I tell you to stay put while I walk over to my dresser drawer and pull out a pink, lace thong. I tell you to wear it and to my joy, you obey without hesitation.

At this point, I want to see exactly what I can make you do.

First, I make you crawl all over my bedroom floor while you worship my body. Next, I paddle your ass to get it nice and red. After that, I really want to see just how far I can take it. I break out my big, black strap-on dildo and make you suck on it, then I bend you over and fuck your sissy ass with it. I can hear that sense of humiliation in your groans as I stretch your sissy asshole with my black strap-on. After I finish, I make you suck my strap-on clean. I can tell you have never been so humiliated and turned on at the same time.

It is just so much fun making a sissy do whatever I say! I love talking all about what I would make my sissy boy do.ch your first experience licking ass. You have been thinking about it so much, I bet your an ass-eating expert by now! I can’t wait to see all your fantasies unfold!

Time for the best phone sex ever! Give me a call to get naughty. 

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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