Sex stories are a lot of fun, even the ones you least expect.


You have been reading my naughty sex stories for a while now. You read all my stories from panties boys to cuckold fantasy blogs. But you have never had the balls to try to hit on me in person. I act all naive around you but I know the real reason you are so shy and nervous around me. I’ve seen how baggy your swimsuit looks at our pool, and the way you nervous try to hide it. You have a small little white dick.


One day when your mom invited me in, you were in the shower, and I saw your search history pulled on all your laptop. There were pages and pages of big black cock porn. Judging by your face when you caught me, you were so embarrassed. Your whole face turned into a bright shade of red.


I tell you to come over when your mom falls asleep because I have a surprise for you. You can hear the clock ticking the whole night, until she falls asleep. Then you come over and ring my doorbell. I don’t answer the door.

Instead, you are met with a buff nude black guy with a huge cock. Your eyes can’t look away, and you hear him chuckle.


“Where is Olivia” you say, but all he does is laugh at first. He tells you that I left for the weekend, but I didn’t want you to be lonely, so I invited him over. He hands you a present that is all wrapped up. When you open it, you find a cute little pink note from me.


“Have Fun and wear this!” the note says, then you can see the pink lingerie under it. The guy I left you with is growing impatient, and he starts telling you to dress up like the sissy slut you were meant to be. You nervously swallow. I have given you the best present you could ask for, and you couldn’t wait to tell me about it when I come back home.

It’s time to have a naughty phonesex chat about what a sissy you are!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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