Let’s explore your cuckold fantasy!

Don’t be so nervous! You have acted like you never sucked on a cock before! Oh? You really have never sucked a real cock before? Well, I know you at least read free erotic sex stories! Because you were so good at sucking on my strap on! Guys like Lamar love a little white man who does whatever the fuck I say. He saw how quick you ran into the room and got on your knees when I said I had a surprise. I know it’s not my usual surprise for you, but I think you will agree that this is even better. Now open your mouth up! You are going to be the slut you always dreamed about in this cuckold fantasy.

That’s right. I found your Tumblr blog, with all those cuckold fantasy posts of you being a slave to black men.

You can’t hide something like that from me. Stick out your tongue and beg Master Lamar to let you worship his black cock. I know you are so impressed by how big it is. You didn’t even know something so big existed because you have only seen it in porn. But today, you will be your own porn star. That’s right, feel his cock rub on the tip of your tongue back and forth. You fucking love it already.

We are going to turn you into the best cocksucker on the block. So Lamar can tell all his friends and you will have a line outside the door of guys needing to be pleasured. I know you wouldn’t mind that. Now, open wider bitch! I want you to really work on Lamar like your life depends on it. And maybe it does depend on this, because if not, Lamar and I really have no reason to keep you around. Your only purpose from now on is to lick my Lamar’s cum out of my pussy, and lick my juices right off of his cock.

Let’s see how good of a cuckold you can be during our naughty phonesex session!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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