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Since my break up a couple years I had not gone out much so did not have sex story, but I was so stressed and I needed to relax. So, I went to Heaven and Steve’s party. The party was so fun but I had a few to many drinks. I found that I had to go find a room and lay down. Then I just passed out.

I came to with the music still blaring throughout the room. I was still seriously impaired and confused, and I was lying flat on my back, and the light beside my bed was on. Then I became aware that I was nude. And Steve was leaning over me his hand in the center of my chest. He was nude as well. I tried to sit up, but Steve pushed me back down, and then climbed on top of me. Leaning his chest into mine. Grabbing my hands into one of his he held me pinned with my arms above my head. He began to roughly rub my pussy.

“Please, don’t do this,” I begged.

I had always been attracted to Steve, but not like this. “Why would I stop I don’t want to. I thinking of raping you since I first saw you. And now I gotcha, no way I’m stopping'” He jammed two of his thick fingers hard into my pussy, and I screamed. But Steve just smiled. With quick pumping, motions jammed his fingers in and out of my pussy. As he continued to finger-fuck me, I discovered to my dismay, and against my will, my pussy juices began to flow.

“OOO Shit, baby, you are TIGHT! and hot!” he removed his fingers from inside me. I felt him shift his body on the bed. He was forcing my legs apart with his while holding my upper body down with his. I could feel the rock-hard head of his huge cock rubbing against the lips of my pussy.

“Don’t move babe, I got you just where I need you”, he breathed. And with a quick thrusting motion pushed the head of his cock thru the lips of my pussy. Then I could feel him push… The pressure grew against my pussy, and the full length of his cock slammed past the lips and into my tight hot vagina. Of course, my pussy betrayed me by clutching that rock-hard cock tightly! I already felt as if I was being split wide open!

“Yesssss” he grunted as the pain from that thick cock stretching the walls of my pussy continued to raise. I felt his cock sliding into me, forcing its way into my tight, hot pussy that had not felt a cock in it for years. I gasped, gritting my teeth against the pain, praying for it to be over.

“Steve it hurts!” I cried, as Steve again brutally thrust forward.

I opened my eyes and looked into Steve’s face. He was smiling. “Ohhhhhh GODS! please stop!” I cried as Steve seemed to thrust his cock even harder into me. Steve stopped, and I could actually feel his cock jumping inside me, radiating intense heat! I could feel the muscles in my pussy gripping his cock, massaging it! Then he began to ram his cock rapidly, with great force, even more painfully in and out of my pussy.

“I can’t seem to get my cock all the way into you baby”, he kept grunting, “you so damn tight.” then RAM, SLAM, he impaled me with its red-hot painfulness. Stroking, stabbing into me with savage force, ramming deep into me, smashing his body into me again and again. I was reeling from the pain. Then Steve gripped my hips hard, beginning to jerk and twist his huge cock inside me. He was laughing at my whimpers and cries, seeming to enjoy the pain he was causing me. He threw his hips forward hard thrusting his enormous cock into me. I thought it was going to come out of the top of my head. As he finally forcing his entire length in. Thrusting and pounding and punishing my pussy with his hard-massive manhood. “Oh Yeah! How’s it feels, babe.

How does it feel with a real man’s big cock in your belly?

Oh, you feel so good, so hot.” He fucked me with brutal, hard, strokes. I was paralyzed the pain was almost unbearable. It felt like I was being disemboweled. Being ripped open from the crotch. And suddenly, out of nowhere waves of pleasure began to replace the waves of pain as he rutted into me with hard strokes. “So good Uh, yeah!” he grunted, thrusting harder still and then giving me more pain and pleasure!

His thrusts into became harder, longer and slower, and I found my legs and arms of their own will were holding him hard and close to my body. Suddenly he speeded up. As throughout the entire ordeal I had no choice… I orgasmed. I came as he came with a series of hard, sharp thrusts into my pussy.

“Oh baby,” he gasped.  “ooohhhhh yeahhhhhhh, got all my dick inside you. Got my hot cum in your sweet little pussy.”

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