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Alex’s intense face was inches from my pussy you see I use mature sex to keep my students trying. I am such a good teacher. The trick to getting the young to learn is all about making them desire to learn. Well… My feet were on each end of the piano and my skirt barely cushioning my ass from the hardwood. I never wear panties so Alex could see my swollen pussy glistening. I was waiting for him to lick each drop of cunt juices as it dripped on to the keys. He knew that if he did well in his lesson and the test at the end I would teach him a lesson in lust.

The poor boy was learning muscle memory by playing by route somethings… His cock was leaking so much precum it looked like he had spilled a drink. Yet he did not miss a single note or lose time.

 Our piano lesson was almost over.

I reached down guiding his head towards my cunt. He knew it was time for his double test. If he could eat my pussy without messing up his set piece I had told him to learn. He would be allowed to cum with my help. Depending on how well he did either a hand job or blow job. If he could make me cum while doing it I would allow him to fuck me giving me more hot phone sex stories.

It was no surprise to me that he played his piece perfectly. Nor that he knew how to make me cum very VERY quickly. He stood knocking the bench over as he dropped his shorts. Wrapping his arm around my waist he pulled me against him. As I slid down his body he kept one of my legs up and impaled my pussy with his cock.

I believe in Alex. He will be a maestro of women’s bodies. Playing them as easily as he does the piano before I release him from lessons in lust. Do you want mature phone sex or how about some Aunt Phone Sex?

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