Sex Stories Tumblr: So many hot black cocks

Oh, so many sex stories Tumblr! I recently started using Tumblr and I can’t stop watching hot black dudes and their big black cocks. Who knew how many fun, sexy Tumblr blogs there were. Oh so many sex stories, Tumblr! I’ve discovered I love watching a hot black guy shove his big black cock into a tight, white asshole.

I have to tell you my favorite video so far.

It starts out with a white couple making out, the guy’s hand sliding under the girl’s skirt. She’s moaning, he’s very clearly hard in his basketball shorts. He slides her panties down and pokes his head in under her skirt, her moans get louder as he licks and sucks on her pussy.

Then we see in the background a man walking up, he’s a thin, muscular black guy, also in basketball shorts, also obviously hard. He walks up to the couple and presses his hard cock against the white dude’s ass as he is eating his girlfriend out.  The white dude comes out from under the skirt, looks back, grins and puts his head back under his girlfriend’s skirt.

The black dude slid the white dude’s shorts down, exposing that pale ass. He pulled his big black cock out and rubbed it over the exposed ass in front of him.  The white guy arched his back trying to get that big black cock inside and finally, he got it.  The black guy shoved his cock inside the white guy’s dirty asshole.

Everyone was moaning and having a great time.

As the black guy fucked the white guy, the white guy started to masturbate. The girl was playing with her nipples as she got her pussy licked…

…I’m not actually sure how it ends, I started playing with myself and came before the video ended!


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