I love making our own sex stories..

Sex stories were all over my boyfriend’s internet history! What a little amateur, right? Who doesn’t wipe their internet history anymore? I wouldn’t have even snooped, but I wrote something into the search bar and a very well-known erotica site popped up… So I had to do some digging. Lo and behold, he’d been spending his nights daydreaming of sexy housemaids and how he’d seduce or be seduced by them. He just loved the thought of having someone in his home that he wasn’t supposed to play with, like an older babysitter when he was younger. I started toying around with the idea of turning all these wicked dreams against him..

And it started with a french maid outfit.

I high-tailed it to one of the local lingerie and sex toy shops. I love any excuse for shopping and wandering around that store. There are so many interesting, naughty things to look at.. After finally picking out a cute little maid outfit, I went back to his place and told him we could Netflix and chill later. What he didn’t know was that when he’d get home, I’d be wearing a little outfit like the girl in his story. At first, it was just some denim short shorts and a pale pink tank top. He didn’t really notice, so I made it more obvious by talking flirty, innocent, and bubbly like her. He started catching on, but it’s not too far of a throw from my usual personality.

I brought out the heavy artillery next. He was neverr going to see that I was blatantly hinting at his favorite sex stories. I was going to need the secret weapon: the french maid outfit. The next night, he came home to find me all dressed up and casually dusting the television, as if it was a completely normal thing. My butt was perked up and out, hair all pulled up in a cute bun, and some stockings peeking out through the all-too-short skirt. I even toyed with his panty fetish by giving him a peek of the cute little lingerie underneath that skirt.. His jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw me. The games had only just begun, though.. I could see his cock growing hard just at the sight of me, but the boy had absolutely no idea what he was in for.

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