My Teen Sex Stories!

Naughty Little Babysitter

Do you like young, hot, teen sex stories? What would you do if you walked in on me playing with myself while babysitting your kids for the night? What would you do? Would you tell my parents? What if I told you that I would do anything you said to keep you from telling my parents? You want me to get on my knees in front of you, with my mouth open, and my bright blue eyes looking up at you? I might take your big, hard cock in my hand and play with it a little. I might even put it on my tongue. Would that drive you as crazy as it would drive me? I will do anything to keep you from telling on me because my parents think I am their little angel. Let’s prove that wrong!

Let’s try it out.

Let me lick that head of yours and also gently suck it, looking up at you the entire time. Feel free to put your hand on the back of my head and force your cock in until it hits the back of my throat. Make me gag on it because I love to be choked with your cock. Make me take every delicious inch, while I feel you shudder under my touch. I am here to please you. I think it is hot when you blackmail me and make me do things for you. Consequently, you make me have to reach a finger down and rub my delicious little clit. Does that drive you crazy? It’s driving me up the wall!

Let me lead you over to the couch. I will bend over, and beg you to shove your cock in me. Make me your little whore. Blackmail me into doing anything that you want me to do. I am yours completely. I will do anything you say, just please don’t tell my parents! Pump that cock into my tight little dripping pussy. Consequently, fill me up with your hot load. I want to be your cum whore, and also, your personal slut. I will take every last drop, due to me being your little slut!

Thank you for not telling my parents!

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