o sSex stories woohoo! I love me some hot smut and I have a hot fantasy I’d love to role-play when you call me for phone sex!

Sex stories usually come to me either when I go to sleep horny or I have a really hot week here at phone sex kingdom. Shall we delve into one of my fav sex stories?

I was in a deep sleep when I woke to 3 men in my room. The tape was slapped over my mouth and my arms were bound together. Fear set in when I was tossed into an unknown vehicle.

After what seemed ages we arrive at a house deep in the woods. The three men hauled my rebellious body from the vehicle and carried me into the house. I was dropped onto a soft bed and disrobed. I was about to ask what I was doing there and what they planned on doing with me. One of the men stepped forward and informed me I was there for their pleasure and to be bred.

Before I could ask a question, my legs were pulled apart and my pussy was stuffed with one of the brothers’ cocks. My mouth was filled with dick from one of the others. One just sat watching me while he slowly stroked his rock-hard dick. I couldn’t see the two in me, but they felt huge! The one stroking definitely had a big dick.

The hottest part of my sex stories is the copious amounts of cum!

My pussy was flooded with hot sticky cum. I won’t lie I grew to love the attention the three brothers gave me. They would take breaks for a few days to see if their seed took root. If it hadn’t, they would fuck me deeper and harder.

They came to the conclusion that the only way to get me pregnant was to have me climax harder. I loved having my pussy worshiped and my nipples sucked and licked to help me reach my climax. Holy fuck I never thought I would experience that kind of pleasure.

Within the first 2 months, I found out I was pregnant. So sadly the men didn’t fuck me nearly as much, but they did give me plenty or oral sex and orgasms to keep me happy.  Seems like I was a new fixture in their lives.

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