I had some of the best memories from college and also some of the craziest moments!

College sex stories always take place where liquor is present. It’s a right of passage honestly and I think every single girl in college has lesbian-ish moments. Gotta admit I love when a guy calls me for lesbian phone sex. Brings me right back!

Melissa and I had been friends since the beginning of school and hung out constantly. She was a really shy girl and I never saw her around guys alone. Trust me, plenty of hotties tried to get her attention, but none could get her to say yes to going on a date.

I really wanted to loosen her up and see her come out of her shell. After a few drinks and hanging out with mutual friends Melissa passed out cold. Some of the guys talked about how hot she was and how they all wanted to fuck her. The guys all came to the conclusion they thought she might be a lesbian.

I knew a few college girls who found they had a taste for pussy after being in an all-girl dorm for so many years. The guys dared me to test out to see if Melissa was a lesbian.  I’ve been with girls before, so I already knew I would like to do it.

Fuck I was even curious at this point. I took the dare and pulled her panties off slowly. My tongue parted her soft lightly haired bush and found her clit. She smelled musty, in a very good way. I was so into licking her pussy I didn’t notice she woke up and laced her fingers into my hair.

Melissa was so out of it she didn’t notice the guys watching. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and felt her still tightly lodged hymen. She really was a virgin. Within 10 minutes of me licking her delicious pussy, she squirted her sweet juice into my mouth.

Her moans filled the room as she came again on my mouth. College sex stories are made of girls just like her and I!

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