Do you want your sex stories free of fibs?  Stop pretending and make your fantasy a reality.

While I love keeping my sex stories free of falsity, masquerading as a normal, perfectly acceptable is just what we have to do sometimes.

As we grow up we are told to put our make-believe things aside. No more playing pretend. That’s fair enough for some, but you and I? We are pretenders. We have to keep parts of ourselves hidden and locked away.

Of course, we try as we might be just like everyone else, but underneath the surface is the kinky dirty things we truly crave. We try so hard to make sure no one ever sees what thoughts are dancing behind those mischievous eyes.

We can stifle the urge to let our freaky little selves out to play for a while, but you never know what is going to make your inner deviant sit up and take notice. Sometimes even the most innocuous things will get my juices flowing. It’s not always cum eating and cuckolds.  Sometimes, it’s a deep husky laugh, the smell of sweat, or the breeze tickling me on my thighs as I walk through the park that drives me wild. It only takes a tiny thing to send my blood racing through my veins.

Too often, I have to behave in those moments, even if my pussy is flooded with lust. Of course, I do my best.  It can be hard to hide my excitement, though. I’m sure my hard nipples jutting out from beneath my shirt and the way I press my thighs together to attempt to quell the warm tingly feeling in my panties has caught some attention.

I don’t want to hide it anymore.

Pretending is just not something I want to do anymore. I want to be my amazingly naughty self 24/7. Giving up the act would be so freeing and satisfying.  Can you imagine being able to let your freak flag fly whenever you like?

Why don’t you try giving in for once, and let your deepest darkest desires out to play.  Give me a call and we’ll have hot phone sex that’ll knock your socks right off.

I’m ready, are you?

Phone Sex For Free!