Being a little cum eating whore for Daddy is the very best.

I want to be Daddy’s little cum eating princess. Those are words I never thought I would utter. Perhaps in a roleplay, but I never thought of myself as all that submissive. Daddy is showing me how very wrong about that I have been. He has been guiding me, and showing me what a good girl I can be.

When he comes home from work after a long day I greet him on my knees. He makes quick work of undressing and offering his delicious cock to me. Every time I see it flop out of his pants, it makes my heart race. I eagerly open my mouth and wrap my lips around him, tasting him, so hungry for him.

I love feeling his hands on my head, urging me to show that cock how much I prefer it above all others. Worshiping that cock is what I live for now. I’m absolutely captivated by it. Daddy lets me show my appreciation for a moment at my pace before his fists my hair up in his hands and starts fucking my hot slurping mouth.  I love feeling him swell as he hits his stride, thrusting ferociously between my lips.

When he buries his cock deep into my mouth, making me choke and gag on his meaty member, my pussy throbs with anticipation. Part of me wishes he would carry me off to the bedroom and pound my desperate little pussy, but I know what Daddy wants. He wants his cum eating little girl. He wants me to need his cum as if it were air, and I do.

When his balls tighten and he begins to blow his thick creamy load he pulls my lips down around the base of his cock. It’s so warm and delicious as it coats the back of my throat and I want to gobble up every last drop to make Daddy happy. Daddy deserves the very best.

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