This is one of my sex stories from a client: my sacrificial lamb, C.

I have such plans for C, but lots of sex stories for you all. He’s given me permission to share with you our fun. Be aware, there’s some heavy pagan imagery in here for those of you who might be uncomfortable mixing sex and religion. After all, I’m a goddess, and C worships me accordingly. 

C’s job for me is a simple one: he goes around and sucks guys off as an offering to his goddess, who is me. He channels me while he does it, giving all my glory to those he pleases. When those men cum, he swallows and takes it down, a tithing.

Well, I have to get all that cum out of him and purify him again for his next pilgrimage. So I fill up him with food and wine, get his skin nice and flushed before I put him on my altar. I tie him down, making sure he can’t move, and I give him a kiss. I won’t sacrifice him tonight.

First, to purify him, I cover him in marks made with my lips or my teeth, letting the world know he belongs to me. Lipstick stains a print that only belongs to me onto his skin, a deep purple that he’ll see in the morning. My mouth works on purple love-bites for him to feel in the morning.

I climb over his face, giving him a nectar straight from my source as I sit down, making him drink my purifying liquid. All these unclean men must be washed away, and I reach down and touch his dick while he drinks me down. There, I summon the unclean. Once he comes, all that filth and sin will leave his body, making him fit to go on another pilgrimage.

What better place to take that sin than in my pure womb, to clean it out?

Before long, I come over his face. It’s time to move to his dick, and I praise C for how well he’s done for me. After all, he’s traveled so far and collected so much for me. I place his cock in my womb, ready to take that sin into myself and purify it, moving my hips to encourage that sin inside me. My mouth covers his, taking his praises and prayers into my being. I long to feel his life underneath my fingertips, so I wrap my hands around his neck, and feel his pulse, taking his soul closer to mine, in a place bodies cannot touch.

His body, now afraid of death, spurts his sin into my womb. Sin enters into my body where I purify it. And I allow C to breathe again, whispering praises of how good he was for me. It’s not time for him to be my sacrifice yet. When it’s time for him to be my sacrifice, I’ll let him know.


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