I feel so sorry for my sex-starved brother-in-law.

My sister has always been clueless when it came to sex. No matter how many times I licked her ass, bit her tits, or tasted her cunt, she never learned. She was far too much of a saint to understand the pleasures of the bedroom and was just awful at using her cunt. She just didn’t know what she could do with it. And who had to suffer for her stupidity? My sex-starved brother-in-law.

Just a week into their marriage, I noticed the way he looked at me, casting furtive glances at my ass. I mean I’m blessed, sure, but shouldn’t he be focusing on his new wife? You’d expect so, but all he could do was stare at me with a dumb smirk on his face. I immediately realized what was terribly wrong. My poor sex-starved brother-in-law wasn’t getting what he needed and my stupid sister was oblivious to his needs.

I knew I had to help him. It was all pretty easy too. My sister went off shopping with my mom, leaving me and her hunk of a husband all alone. This slutty cougar knew exactly what to do.

An easy seduction.

So, Hank, how is married life?” I came into his room wearing an incredibly low blouse that revealed the upper half of my perfect tits.

I-it’s going…great!” his eyes were focused on my tits as he stammered.

Come on, Hank. You don’t have to play that game with me,” I cooed, teasing him by running a finger down my exposed thigh, “I know just how bad Marie is in bed,” I added with a sly wink.

Hank immediately jumped off the bed and wrapped me in his arms. He was groping my ass as his lips smothered my face with kisses. My poor sex-starved brother-in-law was absolutely ravenous, of course. Obviously, I was going to make sure to give him a great time.

I pushed him back down on the bed and ripped off his clothes. Kneeling in front of him, I  made his convulsing cock steady against my firm, welcoming breasts. Once it rose between the breasts, I began stroking the tip with my tongue, salivating against the hole and covering his cock with my saliva.

I knew exactly what he needed and I was going to give it to him.

I then took his cock in my mouth and began deepthroating him, moving my hands in circles against his girth whenever I let it out of my mouth. He moaned louder and louder as I took it deeper down my throat. I was an expert, and I was going to show him something I knew my sister never could.

He was moaning wildly, letting out guttural noises. Before he came, I pushed him back on the bed and grasped his cock in my fist, commanding him not to come. I maintained my force because I knew that he was just about to lose it. Suddenly, I let go and put his cock inside my pussy. I rode him with everything my hips could give, while my mouth rained down on his with deep passionate kisses. Our bodies were hot and sweaty as we moved together.

Finally, my sex-starved brother-in-law gets the satisfaction he deserves.

His eyes rolled back towards his head as he moaned uncontrollably, screaming out affections and exclaiming his pleasure. I continued riding him with my pussy hungrily engulfed against his rock-hard cock. There was no need to change positions. He would be exploding inside me in no time. All I did was squeeze my tight pussy around his engorged cock, and he blew his huge load inside me. He filled my cunt with a huge load hot, dripping, creamy cum. I made sure he got every drop out before I climbed off.

Lick me clean,” I ordered.

He proceeded to use his tongue for what it was made for, servicing my cunt. When he finished, I walked to the door to find my sister on the ground masturbating, her whole arm wet with hot, shiny cum.

When are you going to learn, Marie?” I chuckled as I kissed her and left her alone with her husband.

Just like that, I fucked my brother-in-law and at the same time taught my sister how it’s done. They still come to me for threesomes, and my brother-in-law keeps ogling my tits whenever he sees me. Safe to say, Marie still hasn’t learned.


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