Sex Slave Traded on Vacation

Before noon on Friday, I got a Sex Slave Traded on Vacation by a drunken ass. I know alcohol can lead to bad decisions but come on. They were to head back to college after a few more days on the lake. After that weekend at my lake house; she transferred to the college closet to my place.

I was relaxing on the neighbor’s dock Friday morning after my sunrise swim. My attention was captured by a couple on a jet ski pulling up close to the dock. It was obvious this guy was completely smashed and it wasn’t even noon yet.

He proceeded to try to talk me into giving him a drink from a cooler. Now I know he was not old enough to buy alcohol, and I would never give it to a kid.

I tried to explain that we had nothing in the cooler that he wanted. Finally, the guy was too drunk to understand I guess.

He actually offered to trade his “girlfriend”

He offered his girlfriend if we gave him everything he wanted to take out of the cooler. Seeing her sweet face which had been alternating between anger and embracement now settle on anger. I told him to let her off first and I would accept. He accepted and handed her off the ski. Then I spoke just loud enough for her to hear me. I steadily assured her I would see her to safety and she did not have to stay with the jet ski guy or me.

She whispered back thanking me.

Telling him to take what he wanted from the cooler, I pushed it within hand reach. About this time I heard G (my neighbor) whistling as he headed down. In moments the kid on the jet ski was thinking I had pulled a trick on him. He glanced up at G coming towards the dock. He was so angry he did not even realize his girlfriend was NOT on the back. Saying,

“Hang on tight Bels”

And gunning the machine he took off in a fury. Bels as it turns out is this fairly short young lady with a little more to her than SHE thinks looks good. Brown curly hair and brown eyes, she is a perfectly lovely minx. The problem is she was raised to think only the barbie doll figure was sexy. So, she never took the time to try to accentuate herself, but I could see her beauty.

After introducing ourselves, we went up to the house where I introduced her to David, my lover. Catching his eye, I immediately started talking, explaining how wrong she had been treated and wrapped her in a robe as David made her hot tea. We pampered her as she had never experienced.

Yes, that was how she became my Sex Slave

Traded on Vacation, David and I never had to say a word to each other to start it. We had her emotions vented, body warm, fed and she was already in a bubble bath with me an hour later.

I had steadily groomed her body.

Shaved every inch of her smooth, other than the hair on her head, of course. She was completely relaxed in all that heat and bubbles and lather. So much so I know she did not realize David was the one to wash rinse and condition her hair when he first joined us in the tub. I do not think she realized he was with us until

His cock rather rudely poked her hip.

She looked over her shoulder really quick to see what was going on when she saw it was David… She smiled this smile that was like the sun was shining from her eyes. It was almost magical to see how much this woman-child had changed in such a short time. It was exciting to see

knowing what I/we were thinking

Knowing what we were thinking about doing to her, teaching her, doing with her… I hoped she would still be smiling like that at us BOTH when she left.

I did not get what I hoped for. Bels smile did not stay that sweet and innocent. As a matter of fact, the sex kitten was filled with cum over and over for days, David’s and mine. It started with us all in that bubble bath. Her smile started getting a naughty twinkle. There was a lot of orals going around the tub; David and I took turns eating Bels, then Bels and I shared David’s cum.

Our long weekend wound up unleashing something profound that changed Bels, David, me, and our relationship. When it was time for Bels to leave, she spent the last hour on ALL of our devices. Yes, what we unleashed was already in her and she lost that sweet smile…
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Sex Slave Traded on Vacation
Sex Slave Traded on Vacation