Sex Kitten

Gia was NOT going to keep this sex kitten from what I desired what I needed. I lunged at Gia. Wrestling to her back, I captured her breast in my mouth, she retaliated by cupping my pussy and covering my cunt.

I of course retaliated by starting to finger her pussy frigging her clit like I KNEW caused her to cum. As her hand loosened, I thought my beloved gentle Dom David would fuck me as I so desperately needed… I was wrong.

Instead, he grabbed my hair pulling my head back, and let his cock caress my lips. I, of course, could not resist. I growled as I took his cock into my mouth. A warning he knew from old reminding him that kittens have claws. He just laughed at me.

I will admit I kind of get lost in sucking him, but I noticed right away when Gia started licking David’s balls. I was still playing with her pussy and she pleasuring mine. So I pulled back and shared David’s cock. David leaned down and started to caress both of our breasts. As much as I loved what was going on right then, I pulled out and asked Gia.

“Do you want to be fucked first?”

With NO hesitation she said yes. David caught my eye and raised his eyebrow in silent question. I nodded grins my own mischievous grin. As David had been standing by the bed. I suggested she turn around and bend over the bed. As she presented her ass to David I knelt on the bed in front of Gia.

I slid under her and started nursing her nipple while my fingers tweaked her other. David eased into her pussy with a groan. Slowly he started to fuck her. Gently he fucked her cum soaked pussy.

Wet from all the playing we had been doing and she drifted into sexual bliss. That state where everything feels really gentle and good but nothing is overwhelming. Like a good friend I stopped touching her and let her experience it for a few moments.

But then the sex kitten came back and took over LOL. If only I had a camera set up LOL, I would love to have seen the look on her face as I captured her clit between my lips and sucked. She came almost instantly, over and over.

David started fucking her harder which just made her cum all the harder. I, of course, could only let that go on so long before pulling David’s cock out and sucking it clean of all of her cum, as well as his precum. Then guiding it back into Gia’s pussy so he could fuck her some more. I pulled that trick on them a few times before I could not take it anymore.

This sex kitten needed to feel his cock in my pussy NOW.

LOL, David knows me so well. When I crawled out he asked immediately

“Do you want to ride me or me fuck you?”

I just grabbed his arm pulling him close we kissed. He finally got to taste Gia’s cum. He climbed on the bed and went all DOM on us.

“Sex Kitten, you ride me, Gia, sit on my face” and lord we did.

She sat on his face, facing me. I sank onto his cock it had been hours since I felt him in my pussy. It was like going home. I could not move for a moment as I got used to his length and girth again. That is when I leaned forward a little and rode him.

I treated him like the stud he is and raced toward heaven.

I was so intensely aroused and needed him so long that when I came I squirted LOL and because I KNOW my man’s body we came together just a few minutes later. He was a little upset with me because he had not wanted to come so soon. LOL, but Gia and I were perfectly satisfied… so was he.

He was just not liking ME taking control of his body and making him cum LOL. As a matter of fact, he punished me for that later that night. But as you know a gentle Dom punishes and controls by giving pleasure. And so as I tell him every time he tries to punish me…

“If you are going to reward my bad behavior, why should I mind you?” But that is other stories of being a Sex Kitten.

Sex Kitten
Sex Kitten

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