Sex Slave Story

Sex Slave Story, He Didn’t Need Much Convincing To Become My Puppet. His curiosity got the best of him and now I’ve got him hooked! The mere mention of my sexy little feet or sweaty ass makes that tongue drop out of his mouth and beg for just a taste. Loving to hear him beg and grovel, just makes Roxy tease more! A slave always makes the Mistress happy and that is what shall happen!

Being a sex slave is a lot of work. And listening and obeying is key! And the puppet understood right away that it was a requirement for complete and utter submission to Roxy. Some sensual BDSM, along with some personalized porn courtesy of Roxy was just the edge needed to sink the hooks in the puppet. Blindfold slipping over his eyes and Roxy stalking her prey, the training began.

I knew he had a foot and ass fetish. The puppet just can’t resist these sexy feet. Whether they are in heels or fresh out of sweaty sneakers it makes no difference to him. So knowing just where to start, making the puppet leave the blindfold on and Roxy describing how fun it was to oil up these sexy feet. And when these toes slipped over his lips, it sent a shudder down that spine. Smiling, I continued my reign over my subject, torturing him with the sweet scent of the arch of my foot. Reaching down, he rubbed his cock that was throbbing in his pants.

“Want to hear a free sex story puppet?”, I asked. He was almost too busy pushing his face into my foot to hear the words I’d said. But I want to tell the rest of the story to you personally!

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