Erotic Literature

Erotic Literature, My Step Son’s Friend Found Mine And Read It. Not having a clue that my step son’s friend Jeff had been in my room snooping around and came across the private book and jerked off to it. Picking it up later that night to write down some ideas for a new story, I noticed a few pages were bent over at the corner. It was only because of some of the glances he’d given me earlier that I suspected it was Jeff.

Jeff was spending the weekend with us and sleeping in the spare bedroom. Slipping on a robe I crept down the hall to peek in the spare bedroom. As the door slowly opened the body that lay there across the bed made me tingle. Unconsciously sliding my hand over my bare breasts under the robe made my nipples erect. Jeff stirred and rolled over. The white sheet barely covering him all I could think of was pulling it down to see what was underneath.

Thoughts kept running through my mind. Thinking of my last story written in the book, and wondering if it was him that read it. Did Jeff read about how many times I’ve wanted to push him up against the wall and kiss him passionately? Yearning to feel his hard cock pressing against me. Or the dreams where he takes control, grabbing my hair and grinding into me from behind. All the kinky taboo dreams written down in my erotic literature book.

Naughty MILF ways

Deciding to go into the room and get a peek, I tiptoed in. I could feel my heart racing as I stood next to the bed. Leaning forward my robe opened as I reached for the sheet to pull it back. As it lifted, suddenly, oh I bet you are wondering what I found! Come play with me and find out.

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